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Kefalonia - Greek Paradise for vacation and photography

I had a rare chance to get a 5 days vacation last September in Kefalonia. An Island west of mainland Greece, part of the Ionic Islands.Kefalonia became famous after the Book "captain corelli's mandolin" had become a movie .The Island is the 6th biggest Island in Greece.In the Image- Anti-Samos the beach where the massacre of 5000 Italian Soldiers took placeLike many Islands, it has a central mountain ridge with a Peak of more than 5000 feet, pristine beaches and small... continue reading

10 tips for The Casual Nature Photographer

I really envy the pros. Going to remote places, using the best gear, capturing rare animals, one of a kind indigenous tribal rituals, or amazing light over a distant glacier, isolated island or rural arid deserts.While I won't become one of these pros, I believe you can have fulfilling experiences as a casual nature photographer.Here are some of the tips that will help you become a casual nature photographer (and extend your portfolio):1) The most obvious one is - take your camera... continue reading

Scale and Proportions

In landscape photography, we cover massive mountains, vast plains, empty deserts and all the elements.In some areas, you have visual cues as to the various elements' sizes as your brain knows mentally that a plant is smaller than a mountain or a house is smaller than a hill.But sometime, you come across a frame that has all the elements, but to enhance it and to make it a stronger (stock) image, adding a figure of a human being can do wonders to the image.I don't plan my shooting,... continue reading

Desert Blooming

The Negev desert is 70% of Israel, it is part of the global desert belt that lies around longitude 20-30, its made of 3 mountainous ridges and a very special phenomena of erosion craters (called in Hebrew Makhtesh).The desert has always attracted me. The wilderness, the emptiness, the quietness. The mountains of Jordan and Sinai (Egypt) beyond the border, unreachable and hiding secrets.This winter has been unusually wet in Israel and the Negev has had a nice amount... continue reading

Spring colors

This winter has been unexpectedly wet in Israel. After 6 long years of drought it was a blessing for the waterreservoirs and to the flora and fauna of the ever narrowing wild areas in Israel.No matter how wet a winter in Israel, it always turn bleak dry colors in a matter of few weeks.I was lucky enough to capture this winter's colors in couple of field trips with my family.In one case, I was also fortunate to enjoy dramatic skies that added to the blossom colors and on another... continue reading

Night club shooting

For a year, back in the last decade, I was a house photographer for a night club. While most of my images had gone to the club website and had not been stock materials due to model release issues, I had found ways to enrich my DT portfolio with event shootings.The main idea is to shoot atmosphere and not portraits.Lighting had been a serious limiting factor due to low resolution body back in those days.I think if you're into night life and don't mind red eyes, club photography... continue reading

1000 words worth more than a picture

About a month ago I have read an excellent article about compositionby Alexander Wrigley .Although publish via, this article is part of the an excellent web site that has wealth of tips about photography.Although labeled as "Beginners Guide to Photography Composition" it has nothing to do with beginners.This article brought a new wave of enthusiasm and excitement and had driven me to push my boundaries when I tried to get new stock images lately.These crop has... continue reading

Moravia -Unknown Gem In the Middle of Europe

The last 2 weeks of August, are always a challenge for parents with young children.No more summer activities, you need to find a solution. As grandparents grow tired of babysitting, the exhausted parents have to decide how to spend the forced vacation during these days.We have found the going abroad from Israel, if planned in advance is much cheaper than staying at home and go on daily activities around the country. The weather is forbiddingly hot, the prices are outrages and everywhere parents like... continue reading

Work Trips - How to combine commute to work with stock photography

I have a job about 45 minutes from home that involves trips to various clients' branches for meetings.I love shooting landscape and nature as well as scenic views in Israel.By taking my camera with I have managed to capture my country and create a unique niche, that has been profitable and has generated nice steady income.I want to suggest couple of things that had helped me to succeed despite the limited free time to photograph between my base and my destinations.1) Plan you route&... continue reading

Russia for stock photographers - part two

A few weeks ago, I published part 1 of my trip to Russia.Today, I'd like to share with you, the rest of my trip to Ufa, the capitol of Bashkiria, a semi-autonomous republic about 1000 miles east of Moscow on the western slopes of the Ural, the area around it.      To a foreigner, Ufa is not a particular tourist attraction.    It's an industrial 2,000,000 million inhabitants city, that seem to have frozen in time some 30 years ago. Since there aren't any tourists,... continue reading

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