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First post since exclusivity

This is my first blog post since I became exclusive a couple of days ago. Wow.. it's definitely a difference. I automatically received upload bonus for all the images already in my portfolio... that sums up to an instant $40 total upload bonus. I already started to upload more images, I feel the vibe. Wish me luck! continue reading

Vectors: Additional format too big?

Sometimes when I illustrate, my EPS file gets too big (around 50MB or more) and that's one thing you can avoid happening.For better compatibility I save my vector files as EPS 8, so after the original AI file is finished try to shrink the size of the file this way:- Click Save As (choose EPS)-A new dialog box appears and you choose the Version: Illustrator 8 EPS (for best compatibility)-Choose the Preview Format to NONE (this will decrease the size of it quite a bit)-Now uncheck Embed... continue reading

Going exclusive = more work focus

I'm registered (or was) to many micro-stock agencies (7 or more) and it gets really difficult to manage all these micro stock criteria opposing to using one agency.So I had to decide to put all my eggs in one basket because my income will go up. Here are a few reasons why I think being exclusive with dreamstime will exceed the profit from all 7 agencies together:- First of all the higher commissions.- Secondly the upload bonus.- Thirdly the higher portfolio visibility- The following... continue reading

The stock game: feedback for everybody

Did you notice anything different on dreamstime lately? It's the stock game. You can find it on your profile page on the right side just below the statistics.Playing this game helps dreamstime, and it helps you a lot too. It's a lot of fun.The main advantage when you play this game is that you become more acquainted with what really sells on dreamstime. Having two images side by side and finding which one has been sold will increase your ability to discover some principles of the successful... continue reading

Top 3 reasons to stay on Dreamstime as a contributor

Dreamstime is one of the top tier microstock agencies and the top 3 reasons to stay as a contributor are written as follows:1.High commissions. "Microstockdiaries" wrote about it: "Their commission for photographers is 50%, among the highest in the market, and certainly the highest of the top tier microstock agencies". In fact it's from 50% to 80%2.Leveled value for images. There are 5 levels an image can reach when downloaded often... The more it gets downloaded the bigger the level... and... continue reading

Top 5 cutest pet on dreamstime

Some say that pet photos don't sell too much.. but they are cute. Now lets find out what's behind the scenes. I've made this research and gathered the top 5 cutest pet photos on dreamstime. All of them are cute.. so I'm going to list them by the downloads:The top one... this one is crumbling with cuteness.This one is a rather unusual animal for a pet...A dog can't get cuter than this.Look how much he twists his head...cuteCoddling too much.. too damn cute.The cutest rabbit.... continue reading

Why is isolation a key to success ?

What is ISOLATION. It reffers to isolated objects in a photo or illustration. Isolated images get more views and more sales. Why ? Let us remember that most of the buyers are designers. Most designers probably put your downloaded images in a website or media article. It is common sense to choose a nice isolated object (usually on white background - this is another important key to success sales) and put it in your article, rather than using a whole composition that would fit better in a frame on the... continue reading

Keyword secrets

Tagging is one of the most important part in stock working. You can upload potential best seller photos or masterpieces, but keywords make the sell. That's right. Without a good tagging your images don't sell too well. Follow these basic rules and an increase in sales might knock on your account:1. Relevancy is priority one. Top relevancy makes images appear first in the search engines. Use most commonly used words and keep it simple. Don't use synonyms such as "buskin" when you can write "tragic"... continue reading

Illustrations secret : create vectors !

My portofolio consists mostly of illustrations I make. So if you are an illustration artist too, then it's important to know this: Vector images sell better ! .. How do I know ? I didn't know this until today and from now on I will start working vector illustrations. I talked about this with my friends and made some stats and decided vectors rule in the illustration world. For instance:- vectors are more easily editable- they don't depend on resolution, so you can change their size without quality... continue reading

Time management of your work !

I've recently read an article about time management for microstock photographers, i have confronted it with a real situation and discovered these rules work fine (from the experience of other photographers):60% of your microstock work time should be dedicated to making photos.15% will be used to edit your photos.20% for adding relevant keywords and descriptions.5% use it to choose categories.This formula works even if you dedicate 10 hours per day for microstock work or 2 hours... continue reading

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