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Small Trend for Me

I've noticed a trend that seems to be taking shape for me. Instead of getting lots of smaller sales through subscriptions or just random sales, I seem to be getting fewer but bigger, higher revenue sales in recent months.This is neither a good or bad thing. It seems to mostly be averaging out to about the same as my usual mix of sales, but I just thought it was interesting.I'm wondering if it's just that my portfolio is getting older on this site, which results in more older, higher level photos... continue reading

Ready for Some New Adventures

I've just moved again, which will make my current residence in the mountains of North Carolina the fourth state I've lived in so far in my life.I'm so excited to be in this area of the country. I've always wanted to live in the mountains, and I get the chance to now.The road to greener pastures was a difficult one: I broke up with my longterm boyfriend; got fired; had to move in with my parents for a few months; thought I had a new job but they got downsized before they could hire me; got turned... continue reading

Dear Camera

Dear Camera,I'm sorry I've been neglecting you during these past months.I have plenty of excuses: the holidays were too busy, my day job has been to stressful, it's too hard to find subjects to shoot...but the truth is, I haven't been feeling that old spark lately.Call it laziness or lack of inspiration, but I guess I've just needed some space and time to get away from it all. With the stress I've been under at work lately, I haven't been able to muster up the enthusiasm I should have... continue reading

Why oh Why?

Why is it that every single time I near the $100 payout mark my sales slow waaaaay down?I've been selling 1-3 photos almost every day for awhile UNTIL I had earned about $95, and then...almost nothing. I'm less than $2 from payout and it has taken me a week to get from $95 to $98!I know some will say "A watched pot never boils" or something like that, but I swear sales really do slow down when I'm almost at payout.Anyone else experience this "Payout Paradox?" continue reading

Going it Alone

Like many people here, I'm not a professional photographer. I've had some training, and I love it, but it's not my main job. I do it when I can in my spare time or when I'm going places that might turn out some good shots for myself or for DT. This means that I'm usually shooting when I'm going on a trip or someplace with other people, which also means I have a limited amount of time to stand around shooting pictures interesting rock formation or something before the rest of my party... continue reading

I'm going to Disney Land!

Well, not quite Disney Land actually, but I am moving about an hour north of Mickey's homeland. I just got a job in Florida and I'm excited about it and about the new stock photo shots I'll be able to get there. I'm about 1 1/2 hours from the beach, so I'll have more opportunities to take those kinds of fun-in-the-sun shots.So, goodbye South Carolina, hello Florida.Here are a few images I took while I was down there interviewing. continue reading

Whoooooaaaa, We're half way there!

OK, that's my Bon Jovi reference for today, but anyway...I'm excited to announce that I've broken the $50 mark, so I'm halfway to achieving a payout!This is the last image soldNot very exciting, but hey, it got me there.Sales have been very slow for the last month for me, so I'm hoping things are picking up now.How is everyone else doing with their personal goals here on DT? continue reading

Flowers, puppies and babies

I have to keep reminding myself that art photography is not the same as stock photography. The two do overlap sometimes, but often a photo that sells well here, would get torn apart as a work of art.I'll never forget the one major rule in my photography classes in college. NEVER photograph flowers, puppies or babies, unless you want the professor to, um, "rip you a new one" if you know what I mean.The rule was in place to basically keep amature photographers from making the mistake almost everyone... continue reading

Being Your Own Model

I'm currently living in an area of the country where I don't have many friends or family nearby. This makes expanding my portfolio to include more people shots a little more difficult than it might otherwise be but I'm trying to get in touch with my own "inner model."I've never, ever been one to enjoy being in front of the camera, and I still don't. Adding to my own natural reluctance to step in front of the camera are the difficulties of trying to set up a shoot (sort of) with a model (sort of)... continue reading

Working Vacation

The word vacation has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Yes, it means a break from my day job, but these days it also means working to find great stock photos while I'm on my little holiday.Since I only recently started submitting stock photography, this is a great way for me to incorporate something I love doing – taking photos – and would be doing anyway, with something that hopefully can generate a little extra income.Before I went on vacation and snapped away with my camera knowing... continue reading

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