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Dynamic Clothing - A New Trend for 3D Renders!

Over the last several years, there has been a new trend developing in the creation of 3D clothing, that of dynamics."What is dynamics?" you ask.To put it simply, dynamic clothing is clothing that drapes with gravity.If you take a good look at the bottom edge of the clothing in these two images, you can see that the bottom edge sticks out from the model.This is in part because of the way the clothing was created.The mesh used is a stiff construct.Now, granted using transparency maps... continue reading

3D Renders - When is it big enough?

As 3D artists, the size of the render we submit is totally up to us.All we have to do is to be willing to "put up" with tying our computers up while the image renders.This can take anywhere from mere minutes (the Marlin only took 15 mins) to hours (like this room!)It seems like the more complicated the image is, the longer it takes to render.I have renders in my own portfolio that have taken as long as 48 hours to render.Others that took 12 - 18 hours.I've never minded until now because... continue reading

Not with a bang, but a sigh.

It was a morning like any other.After breakfast, he tinkered with the pressure washer he planned to use the next day to wash the mobile home.At lunch time, he came in to eat and then sat with his wife to watch a game show or two.He was bragging to her about how well he'd done with with the pressure washer.She turned her head towards the TV but then heard a heavy sigh from him.The things he'd been holding in his hands slipped to the floor.She called him several times before dialling 911... continue reading

It makes a big difference.

There are quite a few different software packages out there that can "render" or digitally paint a picture.Some are quite expensive, others not so expensive.I have three different ones, Bryce 6.1, DAZ Studio 1.8 and Carrara 3D Express.Most of my early illustrations were created in Bryce.This is a program that can create some very nice landscapes.I've found some good tutorials that I've shared here that use Bryce.DAZ Studio is a program that is available for free and works quite... continue reading

For a Newbie #2

Sometimes I go looking through portfolios of individuals looking for help on the forums.I came across this one and just couldn't resist getting it.I love musical fountains and this one is so well done.So pass it on! continue reading

For a Newbie

In keeping with the spirit of others, I decided to also download a shot from a newbie.I chose this shot for it's outstanding colors and clearness.Besides, it's Philly! I was raised just outside of Philly! continue reading

Examples from Tutorials

I thought you might appreciate seeing how I personally have been putting the tutorials that I found to good use.I've already shown you the image I created using the layering technique.These three images were all created using the other tutorials I'd found and posted.They were easy to make, and the longest that any of them took to render was a little over 5 hours.Now, granted there are other ways to create these same effects.I'd love to see what you can come up with! continue reading

Layering a Render

I'll admit it, trying to render this scene in one take was going to take more time than I was willing to put up with.And I'd heard about layering a render.After asking around, I discovered this tutorial, Making The MassiveIt worked just great! continue reading

Mist and Water Vapour

So you want to try to create this effect in 3D but haven't quite figured out how?I gotta admit, I'm one of the ones who keeps trying to do it.Today I found this tutorial, Mist and Water Vapour.I plan to try it myself in a day or two.Good luck! continue reading

Creating Chains

This image of Susan's has always fascinated me.Remarkably simple, yet absolutely stunning.For me the question has always been "how do I create the chain?"I've always believed that I could do anything once I set my mind to it.Sometimes, however, it helps to have a tutorial to start with.Then I found this little gem, Making Chains .This should give you a good jumping off point! continue reading

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