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Find A Strikingly Angle Of View

Dreamstime led me into the gate of photography as well as prompted me realizing the truth of the daily life.In my portfolio, a photo has been sold for times. Its subject is about Over Loading.In China, it is very common that most vehicles run with the over loaded cargo. The transportation ability of the nation has been excess for many years already. Meanwhile, the transportation expenses become less and less. The whole industry has fallen into the strange circle of cutthroat competition.... continue reading

Another Practice: Micro In Dark Background

Yesterday, a new photo of mine about a piece of Buddha in micro passed the pending period finally. The other practice of mine in the black background seemly gave me some inspiration about the photography.Several day ago, a friend of mine casually showed me the handcraft, a piece of Buddha made in ivory. The thin piece was about 4cm in length and 2cm in width. It was carved carefully in the figure of Buddha. The Buddha was vivid. He sit on the seat in the lotus posture with a folding screen... continue reading

The Broken Window Makes New Lesson

By now, a photo about the broken window in my portfolio sells better then the others. The better selling prompts me to review the course of the photo production as well as to think about the photography. I want to find some special threads or factors of its merit.I live in the upper floor of a department building. A vacuum glazing with double layer glass is set in the stairway towards the other buildings outside.The Spring Festival is the most important one in China even in many other... continue reading

From Extraordinariness From Everydayness

Recently, a new selling of my photo taken in 3 years ago about gourd brought me a happiness and deeply thinking about the photography.The subject matter of the photo is a fat melon in the special figure. Somebody of my neighbour perhaps found its strange in shape as a swan and put it up on the elbow board of the stairway. Everybody of the neighbours passed had to see it. After they passed it, they all smiled or laughed every time in knowing. In those days, the gourd was bringing many unexpected... continue reading

A New Sold of a Full-Length Shot

Several days ago, a photo taken in a heavy industry park about the topic of air pollution was sold again. This was its 5th sold.The photo was shot in winter around 3 years ago. I used a full-length lens which with 70-200 mm range then.Generally, someone describing this kind of topic usually aimed the block of the smoke or the dirty chimney. The effect would be shocked. I shot some photos in this way also.That time, I tried to make some exchanges in composition. I moved along the factory... continue reading

My First RAW Picture Sold

Several days ago, I was surprised that my account number jumped up suddenly. After a survey, I found that a picture of mine was bought by someone in the raw format. The prize of the picture in this format is more expensive than that in the jpg format, even than in the largest size.In my knowledge, the photoes in RAW format remain all infomations and detail of lights and figures. It is a very useful format because all other kinds of format can be transformed from it. It provides a largest re-creation... continue reading

Bye-Bye Love, Bye-Bye happiness (Part 2)

The camera bag has been lost for nearly 20 days.The sad mood used to come and confuse my common living rhythm once I do some photography as usual. Apparently, photography has become my most important hobby and deeply affected my daily life. In fact, I immerse in photography only several years by chance. The web page of Dreamstime gave me the chance. I have been contributing my pictures to it as well as learning knowledge about it from others.Nikor 70-200mm, the lost lens, was my favorite... continue reading

Bye-Bye Love, Bye-Bye Happiness (Part 1)

I love camera, I love photography. I love microstock, I love Dreamstime.But, it became the darkest day yesterday. My camera bag lost thoroughly. It contained my lovely camera Fuji S3 Pro and the favorable lens Nikor 70mm-200mm. I am felling into the extreme sad mood.The camera was the first DLSR of mine. It had been my only photography weapon for nearly five years. I was involved in Dreamstime farther given to the photography with it. I searched it and had learned a lot of knowledge about photography... continue reading

How About Abstract Style Photoes

Recently, I had uploaded many photoes in abstract style to DT. These are almost suitable for background.After a certain anxious waiting period, two ones were accepted as well as the others refused.The case made me do some further think about the abstract photoes in DT.In general, editors use them for backgrounds of front or other pages. These are frequently used by some other mediums too. The effections are special attractive. Of course, higher qualities and more commercial potentials... continue reading

Two Views And One Download

Only two views but one download. It makes me very happy. The picture is about a bunch of flower, it was inflected in PhotoShop.I uploaded around 30 photos in abstract style 20 days ago. All the photos were made by some pictures of lower commercial potential. After a certain period of waiting, only two ones were accepted as well as most of them were refused. My acceptance rate rushed down rapidly. I was so sad that I decided not to do this kind any more in the future.Some of the accepted later... continue reading

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