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When modern, digital HDR photography hit the scene a few years back, it quickly became all the rage. It was now an easy prospect to capture gorgeous sky-scapes and dramatic still life images; balanced lighting was not just the arena of the pro.But is it just me, or has it gone way too far? I am really getting tired of HDR these days... so many photos look "over-Photoshopped" and lose any veracity, in my opinion.What happened to capturing an image they way it actually appeared? Is there going... continue reading

Unique & Useful

This photo is by far my top earner - to date, downloaded 19 times and has made up more than 1/6 of my total Dreamstime revenue.Look at the photo - nothing special, right? Except it's unique - there are simply not many photos of Canada's Oil Sands on Dreamstime. So when someone wants one, they're going to have to come to me.Other photos may be more beautiful, more well-composed, but they probably won't sell as much.Food for thought. Keep your shots unique and useful and you will get more... continue reading

Instant Photo Tip! Improve Images Now!

This blog is a quickie but a good one - here's my photo tip of the week that I just learned myself.Set your exposure compensation down one step (-0.3 or -0.5). Why? This makes your blacks "blacker" and improves the overall richness of the colour in your images. Check it out for yourself.It's the best quick-tip I've learned in a while, so I thought I'd pass it on. Enjoy!Follow Me On Twitter! (I love to follow back...) continue reading

Be The Best "You"

Getting exposure as a photographer — and making sales — is all about standing out in the crowd.But, in Dreamstime especially, that crowd is VERY, very large. So how do you stand out?It's all about exploiting your unique skills and opportunities. For example, during a fishing trip in Nunavut, Canada, I took a very basic landscape photo of the Arctic Tundra. I have since sold this image on Dreamstime several times over, and will no doubt continue to see revenue from it into the future.... continue reading

How to be a Great Photo Editor

The best photographers in the world are also wonderful photo editors. They possess an uncanny ability to sort through their own photos and pick only the best — at times, a single photo from a series of hundreds.How many of us can say the same? When it comes to Dreamstime uploads, selecting only the best — and being brutally objective — will help you gain a higher acceptance ratio, and then allow you to upload more images per day. The more images you have online, the more you will sell.... continue reading

Make Your Landscapes Really Pop!

A photograph isn't necessarily reality - but simply your version of reality.Have you ever taken a photo of a stunning landscape only to find the image doesn't do what you're seeing - and feeling - any justice whatsoever?There are a lot of techniques I could talk about, from use of gradient filters, to ensuring you shoot in morning light, to various composition techniques, that will make your landscapes pop - but there's one in particular that I love:Over-saturation! When shooting with... continue reading

Keep Your Camera Safe

For outdoor and adventure photographers like myself, keeping digital gear safe and sound is always a priority. I take my equipment fishing, skiing, motorcycling - you name it. Here are some tips I've picked up along the way:1. Keep those little silica packs you find in new luggage or clothing. You know the ones, they read 'Do Not Eat.' I have six to eight of them in my camera bag, they reduce humidity inside your bag, keeping your gear safer while in humid climates.2. Get a three-fold dry... continue reading

Using Twitter to Promote Your Account

Twitter could be the greatest advancement in Internet marketing since the e-mail autoresponder. There are millions out there in the Twitterverse, all hanging on your every word - sort of. Here are a few tips to drive people to your Dreamstime profile via Twitter:1. New to Twitter? Open an account than follow, follow, follow! The biggest mistake new Tweeters make is not following. You want to be followed? Follow!2. Write compelling Tweets. "Check Out My Photos" won't cut it. There are tens... continue reading

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