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Send Summer scaffolding to the scaffold!

OK, so this is a rant which will have absolutely no affect whatsoever but I think I need to shout it out anyway. This will be like farting against a hurricane but I'm sure some of my fellow photographers will see my point - and have maybe even been in the same situation.What is it with prime tourist destinations and scaffolding? Why do cities that market themselves as summer destinations in Europe insist on scaffolding nearly all their major national treasures during the summer holiday and not... continue reading

Meerkat mannerisms

Wild animals are notoriously difficult to photograph. The big boys - elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamus - make great subjects but if you get too close you risk physical damage.Antelope, such as kudu in South Africa and fallow deer in England, are nervous at the best of times. A quick glance is all you'll get, and if you haven't got your camera ready for that pin-sharp portrait, tough luck!The primates can be tricky too. Baboons, for some reason, are hesitant about looking you in the eye,... continue reading

Autumnal magic in southeast England

Southeast England in the grip of an icy autumn can be a photographer's dream come true - preferably when the sun shines, which it seems to do a fair bit in September and October these days, certainly more than it does in summer!I've noticed over the past five years or so that late October usually brings together a combination of factors that would make superb photo opportunities in their own right. The trees turn various shades of yellow, red and orange. The sun invariably shines, although it... continue reading

Egypt's hot, hazy magic

There's no doubt Egypt is a magical place. It's not conventionally pretty or especially quaint or even coyly photogenic. No, this is Africa, with everything that the Dark Continent entails. Dust, deprivation, hardship lie all around you, spread out like a modern day biblical prophesy. From the moment you get off the air-conditioned plane, to cries of 'Baksheesh' and blistering, temple-crushing heat, you know you're well out of your comfort zone. But that is precisely what makes the land, its people... continue reading

Photography in Kruger National Park

It's strange how different a place can be when you return to it with a photographer's eye. I grew up very near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, an outstanding wildlife reserve created by Paul Kruger in the 1880s. When I was a child, my parents used to visit the park often but because I was never much into photography (or wildlife) as a kid, I wasn't too fussed about the place.Ten years ago, as a young adult, I returned for a week, and was so bored at the prospect of driving around all... continue reading

The mystery of what sells

Like many other contributors on this site, I have placed some of my images on other stock sites to get as much coverage as possible of the stock agency market. This inevitably means giving up Exclusivity on some sites, but that is something I'm prepared to do for the moment.Spreading images over two or more sites gives us amateur photographers a fine opportunity to see what sells and what doesn't sell. What makes this process even more intriguing is the fact that, all too often, there are no clear... continue reading

The thrill of bird photography

There's something really special about getting your first good bird photo. The type of photo you look at and just know is not as rubbish as the hundreds you've taken before.For some reason, I've not gone to too much trouble to take photos of birds in England, where I live, even though there is an abundance of color here.Twitchers in Britain can often be heard proclaiming 'Look at that magnificent crossbill' or 'What a great tit!', without any hint of irony. But despite the beauty of jewel-... continue reading

Photographing mosques in Cairo

I never realised how photogenic mosques are until I visited Cairo. In fact, I started my holiday thinking the pyramids would blow me away, while I was only fairly excited about visiting the mosques. My idea of photographing a mosque was snapping a minaret silhouetted against a deep orange sunset. As it turned out, the pyramids didn’t disappoint but the mosques far exceeded my wildest expectations.I always lumped mosques in with churches from a photographic point-of-view – decent architectural... continue reading

Photography in Cairo

I've just come back from four days in Cairo. Photographically, it was one of the most frustrating holidays ever. Why? Because you are surrounded by the most fantastic documentary/people/travel shots all the time but the opportunities to take photos are so fleeting & limited.Cairo is an assault on the senses. But now that I have got the lay of the land, I'd love to go back & take many photos I missed out on first time around. The best photo opportunities from a travel point of view are, predictably... continue reading

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