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Member of the $1000.00 club

I with great humility and appreciation accept membership into the $1000.00 club.Yes it has taken awhile but I still will celebrate.I also find it very interesting to look and see what have been the top sellers because I have always tried to be versatile and have a combination of photos that would fill the need of many types of situations.My #1 selleris very dear to me and as you can see is a people photo.It is fitting it should be #1 and makes me proud in more ways than just... continue reading

Camera protection in the cold winter weather

Although summer offers rich colors and warm weather that makes taking outdoor photos a pleasure and can be done in comfort.In some areas of the world it comes to an end.The other extreme is Winter. We can hibernate in the house and take all studio shots and isolate everything including the kitchen sink or we can be brave and head out into winter wonder land to see what's out there.But beware because along with the sophisticated Digital cameras are some precautions that must be taken... continue reading

More lives than a cat.

I have a very close friend of mine that also does stock photography and of course when we get together for some shooting we often use each other as models.And as I look back at all the roles he has had me into I tickle myself remembering the shots. I feel like some actor in a play.He has had me drunk and sleeping in a park.Having an accident on stairs.I have even been a rugged old blacksmith from years gone by.Some times it's not all glory, as when I'm cleaning toilets.... continue reading

The Magic Farm

A very good friend of mine that I often go on photo shoots with told me he had heard of a Magical farm in Wisconsin that had very strange animals on it.The story goes that there are places on this farm that a compass will spin in circles and never find north.Where the water bubbles out from the earth not from the ground but from trees.Where at night you can never see any stars, even if the skies are clear.Well who wouldn't be interested in a place like that? When I asked him where... continue reading

Oil Spill

I don't normally stand on a soap box and preach to the world but today I will.I guess I was stupid enough to believe that if any operation that had the potential to spew out thousands and thousands of barrels of oil a day into the ocean would not only have plan for failure, but a back up plan. And yes even a back up to the back up plan.But noooooooo. they wait until there screwing up half the whole gulf and everything close to it before they decide they should build something to stop it.... continue reading

500 sales today.

I remember my first sale on Dreamstime and to be honest I still get the same feeling everytime I look and find out that one of my photos sold.But today is a little special because I have hit the 500 sales mark.I also am very happy it was my crop irrigation photo because this is one of my favorite photos and a pretty good seller.It was a by chance photo that I was driving by at sunset and the rays of light were comming through the spray of water.I thought if I could capture half... continue reading

Flu Season Ahead

The Flu season comes along almost as predictable as fall, spring, and summer.Although we are paying much closer attention to this year than most.The H1N1 has the potential to be a different kind of beast. Some say it's over rated and some say it will be a world wide event.One of the reasons we watch this so close is because this type of event has happened before with devastating results. The Spanish Flu in 1918 killed millions of people and spread accross the planet in mind boggling... continue reading

Freshwater fish isolations

I decided that I wanted to add to my portfolio some freshwater fish isolations for buyers looking for fish identification or as an insert to some projects they may be working on.Some little tips and tricks I have learned as I was doing this are:1. Get comfortable doing good isolations. It takes time and everyone has a different method but when it works you'll know it. If it isn't a good isolation it won't even get on the board.2. Add the latin name whenever possible to any animal... continue reading

How to be your own model.

O.K. right off a lot of you are saying I'm nuts, or rinky dink for even thinking of being my own model for some people photos but please hear me out before you cast me off.If you have not done a lot of people situation photos being your own model has many advantages. First it lets you compose the shot in your mind before adding the person.This is very good practice for when you start having other people for models. You would be very surprised what you see in a scene without the person in it... continue reading

Happy fourth of July

In the U.S. the fourth of July is a big celebration.It is to remember the independence of America.What I believe is just as important is to remember the price that was and is being paid for freedom.Freedom is never free, So please remember what it took to get it. continue reading

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