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Did something change, no credits for blogs

I wonder if something changed. I did not get credited for my latest two blogs. Does anyone experience the same or is it me? continue reading

alternative swimmingpool for cats

Whaha, our cats came in, a few days ago, soaking wet. Since this morning I know why.I got out of bed and looked outside to see a little pool of water next to our neighbors house. Well, I thought, the snow is gone, here's the mud. When I turn around, to make myself a nice cup of good morning coffee, I realize I hear water running. I look outside a second time and notice it is running our of the corners of our neighbors house. A closer look and I see it is not a small pool but a big one ;-)After... continue reading

music by stock

Did you see the newest trend being set by one of the first and biggest stocks around (can't mention name here).They are selling licensed music. How far will it go? continue reading

Let is snow let it snow let it snow

Ofcourse if ayone needs to upload their Christmas pics they are probably too late. It is time to think about valentine and the Easter bunny.But how about snow pics?Is it too late for that also. Is it time for summershots already?What do you think? continue reading

Hoping for snow

This weekend we'll be off for three days of relaxing in a wellness hotel in one of the most beautiful surroundings of Europe when it comes to forestry. Schwarzwald Germany. We are hoping for some snow to be able to make some nice photo's. continue reading

Dutch laws and trying to start a company

Earlier I wrote a small blogmessage about me going to myself a, so called, chamber of commerce number so I can start doing business with DNF-Style.Well..............I didn't.Why?As some know I have just been laid of buy the company I worked for, but since I worked there for 8 years they are paying me till February 5th and after that I will have rights to unemployment money (2 months 70% and 12 months 70%of that same 70% of my last earned wages.Well guess what, If i get a chamber of commerce... continue reading

Wish me luck

Wish me luck you all.I am now leaving for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to get myself a commerce number to make DNF-Style an official company.Tax bureau is next. continue reading

Photo contests, more and more a race for our money

I need to talk about something that really is starting to annoy me.This whole year we have been getting mails about entering contests. of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame.But most of them don't bring you anything. They only bring the organisation your money.10 USD up to 150 USD for just entering your photo in the competition. And what do you get when you win? 1500 USD and a publication in a their own book which of course you get for free... continue reading

Follow up on my career move

We'll I decided:I am going to become a full time pro photographer or die trying.But first I have to get past all the bureaucrats that are momentarily making it very very difficult for me.My situation seems rather special to them.I am working for 8 years now in The Netherlands and I am of Netherlands nationality. However moved to Belgium where I bought my house. In my case I am paying all my income tax to the dutch gov.Now it comes. I first will have to proof that my only connection with... continue reading

Yesterdays rampage today's wonder?

Yesterday I got the message that after 8 years of working for the same company they had to shrink down and they decided to make my function obsolete so the requested my resignation.Damn, job gone, 42 years old, almost no education. How in hell am I gonna find a new job. What is it what I'm good at.Besides talking and inspiring others, there's photography.We'll let's find out what we can do.I am scared shitless but my new life or career starts here.Easy scary and silently.I'm gonna... continue reading

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