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Waves: Providing You With The Power To Calm Your Inner Spirit

The power of water. We drink it. We bathe in it. We use it in countless ways for our daily lives. But, none of these necessities are the reason that I write this essay. Rather, it is the calming effect of moving water that speaks loudest to me. Be it the soothing surges found in a lazy surf, the rippling effect of a mountain stream, or the majestic break of a wave hitting a rocky shoreline, it matters not the incarnation - moving water has the power to bring calmness to the soul.A day at the beach... continue reading

Photographer Roundtables and the Art of Discussion

I sat down in a coffee shop, got a cup of caffeine-jolting java, and prepared to read the doom and gloom headlines in the morning paper. I had barely cracked the Sports Section when I could have sworn I heard phrases like “aperture priority,” “depth of field,” and “too much noise concentration” being tossed about. Looking over at the table adjacent, I spotted 3 gentleman in friendly debate about a photo laying on the table in front of them.My newspaper beckoned. I tried returning to a... continue reading

A Practicing Member of the All-50 State Photo Club

The United States is a big country. I am reminded of this every time I pull out an atlas. This is not a country that, even in nonCOVID-19 times, lends itself to an all-inclusive day-trip. Or a week-trip. Or a month-trip. Time constraints make for a “hit-and-miss” journey if you intend to see America’s beauty “from sea to shining sea.” An extended road trip in the United States will get you to many states, but a traveling photographer will find it difficult to spend much quality time in locations... continue reading

Balancing Risk v. Benefit – 10 Safety Tips for the Senseless Photographer

Holding a camera in hand makes me want to think outside the box. I try to imagine new vantage points for great photos; I try to pursue angles and perspectives that don’t immediately come to mind. This is all well and good when kept in a proper context and within the boundaries of reason. The problems I have witnessed in the real world are the extreme risks that people are willing to take to justify a one-of-a-kind photograph.We’ve all seen them. The crazed teenager scrambling up the rocky ledge... continue reading

Just For the Love of Nature

Give me a pleasant day, my camera bag in hand, and there is no better way to pass my time than with a leisurely walk in the woods. Communing with nature is at its best when surrounded by trees, meadows, and the meditative stillness that is profound in its ability to soothe the soul. Forests are a unique feature of the Earth's ecological balance in that they provide bounty for the human element of our world and the habitat of survival for all the creatures that dwell within. A healthy forest... continue reading

“You Should Frame That!” (How many photographs can a wall handle?)

I used to make enlargements of my favorite photographs with the intent of eventually framing them and subsequently putting them in an honored place on the wall. As the years went on, some photos would see a frame, others were simply kept in a file folder, and some languished on the computer. Unfortunately, as the walls started to get smaller and the file folders filled, claustrophobia began to set in. There was a battle for wall space and I soon realized this was a battle I could not win.Occasionally,... continue reading

Humbled by Those Around Me (Food For Thought)

I am amazed by the talented photographers who post their work on Dreamstime. The body of work displayed in the galleries of Dreamstime shows just how good the photographers are who post work in stock photography. To excel in the realms of this field your creativity must shine continuously. With every burst of the camera shutter your “A” game needs to be firing on all eight cylinders. If four cylinders is all you can muster, it’s time to up your game.With so many talented photographers out there,... continue reading

Unleash Your Photo Ninja on Your Next Vacation

Did I hear somebody say vacation? And don’t we all need some great pictures to document our fun? Don’t let the post vacation blues get bluer when you discover the mistakes that were made when you let your photography take a back seat to the appropriate preparations that should have been anticipated. Being prepared is your secret weapon. Be a photo ninja.1.Decide your Ninja focus before you leave on vacation. Where will your photography priorities lie? Is this a family-focused vacation or a chance... continue reading

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (to photograph)

I want to start by saying that I have never made photography a full-time gig. I like making photographs for the personal pleasure that I derive in viewing them. I deliberately used the word “making” rather than “taking” in stressing the point that practitioners of photography make photographs by using a trained eye of observation that takes years to perfect. The end of this pursuit never happens.We all like to put a variety of images into our stock photography portfolios, but the truth is... continue reading

10 Tips To Get You Ready For Your “A” Game

“Yikes,” I muttered as I perused my afternoon’s work. “Why are these so grainy?” I repeated the phrase again, but much louder now. As though that would help. I replayed the sequence of daily events over and over in my mind. “Where did I go wrong?”Of course, pictures never really expose their flaws until you get them off the camera and onto a large-screen monitor. A quick scan of the picture information pointed out my problem in colorful, grainy detail – ISO 1600. Sunny landscapes... continue reading

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