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Tip of the Week: Get to Know Your Camera

We tend to walk the easy road, a familiar one. It's not wrong to walk a road you know, yet at times good adventures await where you haven't thought it would. It might be a strenuous climb but with a spectacular view from the top ... so enough poetry now and how about relating those words to the camera you have.Any camera you buy these days has an auto mode with its different naming that depends on the brand. It may happen that you've upgraded your camera to another and still use that... continue reading

Tip of the week: Refusal reasons: Not RF stock/Not quite what we are looking for/Lack concept

When an image tends to be vague with no specific target and conceptWhen an image tends to be of an old event that has no contemporary relevance ...Is when that refusal reason becomes applicable ...When a user is looking for an image to buy, the aim would be specific with no weird combination of distinct elements.Saying that a toy dinosaur next to a box of tissues would be rendered meaningless unless the description was metaphorical and maybe then that abstract concept would be bought ... otherwise,... continue reading

Tip of the week: Refusal reasons, Image info

Your image gets refused for Image info.Your image might have one or more of the following info issues:Let me clear this out:- Your image info contains one or more of the following issues: irrelevant or incomplete title, description/keywords/categories issues, similar/identical title, and description, title/description written with capital letters(CAPS LOCK ON). Use only keywords that are the most relevant and specific to the image subject. Take your time for each image and provide individual,... continue reading

Tip of the Week: When to Fix Distortion

It doesn't come as a surprise how we perceive wrong and correct. Due to technological progress in the imaging department, photography has gained a lot of realism to the extent that the average consumer could benefit from the same way as professionals do.We still do suffer from the idea of a more realistic photo.What defines that is the idea that everything should look perfect within the frame ... and here come the attributes distortion, vignetting, exposure and color render. While distortion... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Shadows, Highlights and Hyperrealism

You are witnessing a sunset and want to take a dramatic shot of it, when you see the output not as you hoped it would be. Sometimes you envy those who see great sunsets that you haven't seen yet and wonder when you be able to ... and you ask, where is that place and/or what exposure settings needed to be set.In most cases, its up to post processing ... mainly shades and highlights.So how does that apply to a sunset image.Well, it contains oranges and blues (if setting was at sea)... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Is Right Angle Spy Lens Right?

Have you ever heard of Right Angle Spy lens?It attached to a lens filter threadWhat it does is it makes you point away of the subject, giving the illusion that you're shooting elsewhere.However, you are pointing 90 degrees from the direction of your lens enabling more concentration on the subject instead of quickly snapping due to fear of subject reaction and/or privacy.Would you use such an accessory or simply delve into people and risk reactions that may be avoided?- Being honest may be more... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Of Rodents and Patience

If you are lucky, you'd see squirrels, rabbits, mice, hamsters etc ... in the wild. Taking a picture of those is another story, unless they feel safe near humans which is quite rare ... plus most species are nocturnal.Taking photos of those creatures is possible but with some patience.Some tricks might do the job:- Mounting/fixing camera on a tripod and staying at a distance while having remote access to it: Its best to access your gear through a mobile phone app in order to replicate the viewfinder... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Photo Effects and Styles

What do styles mean? many style names go back to an era of film and older film.The result of those is quite interesting yet technology moved forward to enhance picture quality and overcome defects that existed in old film renders.Now, people are going back to what is labeled as retro with that latter having many sub styles that complement in color inaccuracy, vignetting and/or blurriness.For older generations, that retro style is nostalgic rather than good looking yet brings back good old memories... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Non Digital effects

Digital filters and effects have become the norm these days to the extent of not needing the word (digital) for further explanation.Easy or hard to attain, digital filters give results based on one's skills and at time presets may get the desired effect much easier.While at it, there has been other methods around used long before the digital era. Those never give exact same result for all images and therefore each of the respective renders have their own unique character.So what... continue reading

Tip of the Week: Better Portraits Outdoors

You may be hiking or just walking around with some group of friends and wish to take some really good portrait shots. You could also be aiming to shoot some quality outdoor portraits on a budget.The sun is harsh and therefore contrast is the king of the moment.If you were in a studio, you'd normally control light by using artificial lights with diffusers and reflectors. In nature, light controls you but you can play around and make use of its potential instead of being fully submissive... continue reading

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