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These are a few of My Favorite Things: Nikon 28mm f/2.8 AF-D

Mounted on my old Nikon D70 Dslr, this lens has an approximately 40mm equivalence on a DX crop sensor.Is it practical, yes but not as newer zoom lenses. Although its a bit on the wide side compared to a standard lens, its capable to getting acceptable content within its field of view.Landscapes often need a wider lens or zoom, yet for me it was the widest reach among my lenses. I made a best out of it and was the first lens back in 2004. It was my starting lens and I learned a lot about composition... continue reading

To Serif or not to Serif? Determining the Font for Your Brand

First of all a Serif typeface has more detail whereas the Sanserif, or none Serif, has less detail. As for readability, the Serif exaggerate the horizontal flow by the Serifs.This may be a point of view among many, but that's my opinion regarding the subject.It all depends on what you want to brand to portray.- If colour is your goal for the brand, then probably a less detail typeface maybe needed as to focus on a certain colour rather on other unnecessary additional detail ... and probably a... continue reading

These are a few of My Favorite Things: Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF MICRO-NIKKOR (1990-2007)

Its a micro lens intended for closeup photography up to 1:1 life size ratio. Although it is built for such, I personally use it beyond that need along with what is designed for.It is a solid lens with no vibration reduction addition but that was what lenses used to be like during the 90s. At f 2.8 it focuses fast enough and bokeh rendering is great.It has a great reach on a crop sensor camera body approximately 150 mm.Has no visible distortions, great for any geometry and architectural use with no... continue reading

These are a few of My Favorite Things: Fujifilm X100T

Well, I had a Dslr with around 4 lenses, mostly prime ... then switched to a mirrorless, fixed prime lens camera body; the Fujifilm X100T. (Meant for a family outing camera and not for professional use)At first, it felt odd; very small and lightweight compared to the predecessor Dslr I had and simply couldn't feel this small piece of a camera could deliver good quality images ... maybe the size and weight had to do with it, though it had same sensor size as my old crop sensor Dslr.Getting... continue reading

Tip of the week: Children in Front of a Camera

Children move around; full of potential to do wonders ... still away from cultural/social commitments and margins ... then we point a camera to their face, they may smile, they may freeze or may simply react outside their natural character.Leaving them to play around or do whatever they're doing ... without them knowing they're being photographed might be best to have more of a natural expression rather than being restricted to the fact that someone may be observing and/or expecting... continue reading

These are a few of My Favorite Things: Nikon D90

When the Nikon D90 camera was out back in 2009 it was the first Dslr to have Video recording capabilities. Honestly i didn't have the sense that a photo camera can record video. It was an option i rarely used.As for the camera itself, coming from the D70, it was superb ... great colors, dynamic range and pixel count. It was fast enough to take great photos of my child who started walking and running in all directions.I didn't mind the plastic, nor the 1 card slot, there were no other cameras... continue reading

Picking the Right Lens for Any Situation

A lens for all situations? ... never invented yetAll situations is a very big word; not for the count of letter it contains but for the count of possibilities for situations one may encounter. One might think, for one or two shots in mind of a certain focal length, that a lens that has this focal length will serve for many photos ... to find out that it actually is useless most of the time.... and soon you'll keep it home and then one day you'll regret not having it; but then, it gets... continue reading

How to Pick a Camera Bag

From a shoulder bad to a backpack, a slingshot, waste bag etc ... too many options and therefore a hard time to choose which particularly suits ...But then, each buyer should know the need for such a bag based on a specific usage.If travelling with too much camera gear, then a rolling case would be great for ease of transport.So if the bag was meant to carry two to three Dslr bodies along with complementary primes and heavy zoom lenses, for professional work, then first we need to know if that... continue reading

Mastering the Basics: Indesign part 1 of 3

Adobe Indesign is a software created for multi page layout purpose(s). Hence all tools and panels within are exclusively there to ease the workflow of that medium.This blog will deal with starting a new document, navigation through the workspace, basic vector shapes and basic text creation and modification.Starting a new document:- File/New document or ctrl + n (MS Windows), cmd + n (IOS)- A Panel will appear, on top shows Print if the purpose is a CMYK ink based medium... continue reading

5 Bad Design Habits you Need to Stop Now

Along technology comes software and ease of use. Design is one major field where software user interface has become much more flexible and easy to work through, yet that comes at a price ...Nowadays with all presets around, the concept of working 3 to 4 steps to achieve a desired visual tends to fade away ... one click, i get a lovely retro look, another click i get a curvy text, another with 3d look etc ...So in order to design properly and make our design stand out rather that become duplicates... continue reading

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