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The day it rained and you slept through the day

I must admit I have not been contributing much pictures lately on Dreamstime, not for the past few months given the school work and other photo assignments.However, occassional logging back in onto this site showed that the monthly sales has been pretty steady though not a big sum that I can even brag about.Still, that is something encouraging knowing this is a source of passive income that has not given up on me, that I should not take this little positiveness for granted.I keep telling... continue reading

Problems when shooting human subject for a start

Well, for this new year, I wanted to achieve more photos with human elements in it. My first step was to post on a local forum requesting for Time for Portfolio or Time for CD, TFP or TFCD in short.This method surely has been discussed thousands times over but its a first for me and I have got some response. Not forgetting I have to filter out some whom features did not make the cut. The truth hurts and rejecting them was especially hard because I had put on an offer and they responded in agreement.... continue reading

Friends are there for you

Hard up on finding models for stock, I was glad my friend willingly agreed to pose in returns for his own pictures - bare and showing.With a figure he trained so hard for, isn't it such a waste to let this photo opportunity go?I'm glad the shoot I did with him qualified for the assignment.If you support my picture, do vote for it or make a purchase.Many thanks! continue reading

i find blogging useful because..

of the free credit i get.That very credit i got i effectively used it to purchase photos which my friend needed for her project. I need not convert any earnings yet I am still able to help out by providing the picture as needed by my friend. While I cannot create the picture she wanted, Dreamstime offered the picture at such a low price with great quality.well, here's thanks to DT's blogging feature!~cheers continue reading

importance of time

Not only are we concerned about getting shots at that instance for moving subjects, time is of the essence especially during travel photography or street photography where the golden hours are the best timings.the morning and evening glows cast very nice light which even then, doing a HDR creates an even more 3D looking image such as thisArchitecture requires great lighting as well, light that can be hardly be controlled by us to illuminate the whole structure except natural light. While... continue reading

How long can he hide?

The most wanted man in Singapore is now still on the run, two weeks and counting without assistance or aid. Where has he been hiding? Mas Selamat Kastari is the centre of attraction in this entire saga.Singapore is a built up area with very little thick vegetation, of which most have already been scoured and turned upside down by the gurkhas and police personnel. Everything ended up in vain.Over a thousand personnel deployed and yet two weeks in a small country he has managed to evade re-... continue reading

God given rays

I'm happy that finally one of my picture has reached level 3. A first in fact. Those level 4 pictures were assignment pictures and this God's Ray picture is a hard earned effort.I wonder though, what designers might be interested in using this picture.Anyone care to share? Thanks for downloading it by the way! continue reading

Army Daze

First time doing a TFCD (time for CD) with a male model and he agreed for the pictures to be put on DT. Which is a bonus because I get to learn to shoot portraiture outdoors as well as benefit from commercial sales here.For those who like army stuff, here are some sample pictures. continue reading

My first editorial image

Finally my first editorial image is up.It is about Total Defence Day in Singapore. An exhibition held at Discovery Centre to promote national awareness about how our independence, peace and harmony today is achieved through sweat and blood.It consists of social, military, psychological, economical and political defense. Each as important as the other.This exhibition also allows school to make organized outings and excursion to expose the little children to such an educational message... continue reading

Music piracy

Today's world is ultimately dominated by internet almost everywhere. Wherever there is modernisation, there is entertainment and music, then there is the internet.The internet is so essential in our daily chores and routine that we may be crippled without it.When I had pictures and couldn't upload to DT, it was so frustrating.Internet is a friend to many, yet a foe to others.The music industry has been suffering alot because of rampant online downloading. This has forced some major... continue reading

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