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A new collection dedicated to bullion coins

For more than a decade I've been a collector of rare coins and bullion coins.It's a fun hobby, and over the past few years it's also become a profitable hobby.Recently as I started toying with macro photography I decided to take a few shots of several coins.Silver & Gold eagles to be exact.But there are many more types of bullion coins out there, and I thought it would be fun to see other coins offered up by photographers from Dreamstime.So, I just created a new collection called Bullion... continue reading

Reached 200

Wow, already made it to 200.And I just haven't been shooting too much lately.Pesky job I keep going to has kept me inside too often.Next week I'll be traveling to Anza-Borrego in California.What does Anza-Borrego promise?How about desert palms, rare desert wild flowers, and big horn sheep.And I completely forgot, an area of Badlands in the high desert as well.So, a 5 day trip in a beautiful area with so many photographic opportunities.Hopefully I'll produce some worthwhile shots... continue reading

Away too long

Over the past few weeks I've been very distracted, and away from Dreamstime.But I'm back, and uploading away once more!This is just so much fun, and it helps to drive me to remember my camera at all times!!!Too bad I keep missing the bobcat that's been within 20 feet of my place.Something I've always wanted to learn more about is Macro Photography.So, I've started experimenting.I'm still waiting for a few more photos to be key worded (my favorite is still in process), but in the meantime... continue reading

Every sale is exciting

While my sales are still low, each sale is definitely exciting!I popped on today and saw that two new sales had taken place.What a treat!Looking through other portfolios I know I need to expand what I shoot.Landscapes, while pretty, can't be the only thing.Still, I enjoy shooting them!With the addition of 3 models I think that more interesting and exciting shots will be added to the portfolio.I'm hoping that combined with learning about other "still life" shots will add to the portfolio.... continue reading

Model releases and my mistake

Today was one of those days.I knew I'd have a batch of e-mails from DT.I submitted a bunch of photos from this past weekend, including some amazing photos of 3 of my friends / models.As I looked through my inbox I saw the "Image Selected" sprinkled throughout, and a bunch of not selected's as well.Oh no!I read the reason, and rechecked my latest model release.Our newest edition to our climbing group signed his release on Sunday.He filled almost everything out, but left out a field.... continue reading

100 photos, trying new subjects, and enjoying all of this

This morning I was happy to see that I've added my 100th photo.And then more!116 in total.Nice!I'm also glad that some of my latest have made it.The new photos are a change.I've been doing a ton of landscapes.This time around a few climbers, wagon wheels, and train wheels.Oh, and some interesting colored bricks (no kidding).I couldn't get the train in because it has the name of the rail company that used to own it (now defunct).Disappointing, but I understand the copyright... continue reading

My first two model releases, and my first shots with real people!

Several days ago a pair of great friends signed MR's with me.I've been photographing both of them over the summer.We climb together several times a week, and I've been working on photographing climbers (not as easy as you'd think).This morning I got my first approval for shots with my "models" in them, and it's really exciting!Going forward I think this will be a lot of fun.First I was glad to meet them because they're a married couple who climbs together.Makes it easier to find a few... continue reading

Shooting inanimate objects

Here's something totally new for me.As I've been looking around Dreamstime I can't help notice some really amazing stock photos.Simple things like shots of brick walls, phones, keyboards, etc.These are things I've never played with shooting before.After looking around last week I decided to take myself out into the rocks and take some "object" photos.Recently my favorite Cams were on sale (climbing gear) and they're really colorful.I thought they might make a good stock photo or two.... continue reading

Following up on Outdoor Photography

Well, I just read another post this morning, and I have to second the entire post.Take a read of, Outdoor photography can be as challenging as a sport.I commented on the post, but decided I need to give some detail regarding my own activities yesterday.Over the past few months I've been working hard on becoming a "good" climbing photographer.There's a lot to that.First, you need to be really comfortable with heights.Second, you should probably know how to climb.While you're climbing... continue reading

Home can become a stock photo

Several days ago I uploaded one shot on a whim, and honestly I wasn't sure if it would pass the test.It was a unique view of my current home, a 25 ft Airstream.I'd recently backed my silver twinkie against some great rock formations here in Arizona, and was taking the photo for my personal blog.I was happy to see the photo accepted here.And it tells me I should think more about using my unique lifestyle (Airstreaming) as part of my stock portfolio.Now I'm reconsidering many "home"... continue reading

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