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Giving Designer's Ingredients To Work With

It's key as a stock photographer or illustrator to at least consider having some images in your portfolio that can be used to be apart of a bigger picture... for example when you make something like red "blood drops" it would be use full to make other colors of blood drops and just have them called ink drops or something like that so a designer has options and can use the drops as an ingredient in their project.Having different variations of images in colors and styles can be... continue reading

Nostalgia is a factor

In the modern age we live in, it's easy to get caught up in all the new tech gadgets that seem to come out every single day, which results in a nostalgia feeling when you see something that once peaked your interest that would or could be redeemed as "outdated" in today's times.With the craze of Star Wars and old western TV shows like The Lone Ranger there is a need to provide content to those audiences that want to relive or provide a way to relive their past. Say you draw a design... continue reading

How To Make Pocket Money From Your Pocket Phone! Dreamstime Tutorial!

Money is tight and people all over the world are struggling to pay their bills... They look for solutions and type in various phrases on google like "how to make money from home" to see how they can make some cash to relieve some of the pain... Most turn up to be scams sadly.. not all but most... But rest assured there is proven methods to making money online and even better yet on your phone!Today I am talking to everyone about a microstock website called Dreamstime... first let me explain... continue reading

November 2018 Farm Harvest In Iowa

Iowa is a state located in the middle of the united states, being best known for its fertile soil to grow food that is shipped all over the world. Soybean and field corn is the two most popular crops in Iowa and is mainly grown for feed for livestock.Harvest got pushed back a little late this year in 2018 due to major flooding statewide in Iowa, some locals even compare the 2018 flood year to the disastrous 1993 flooding of Iowa.The majority of the Iowan crops is out of the fields now due to a cease... continue reading

Sharing My Animal Images

in stock photography nature and animal pictures have always been said to be a very competitive market... but lets face it almost every niche now a days in stock photography is extremely competitive so it may be worth while to add photos that maybe you would not usually consider to have in your portfolio... In my case it was animals because I thought it was a market extremely saturated.The goose and deer above are photos of common animals that I took a picture of.. but although their common animals... continue reading

Happy Birthday Illustrations 2018

Ever seen all the people writing happy birthday to all there friends on social media? Ever wanted to stand out from all those people? Well I have a solution and its stock photography! Let me explain... by purchasing a stock photo or illustration and sharing/tagging it with your friends or even just showing them will show that you though of them enough to go the extra distance to show how much your love or friendship matters to you.An image can mean just as much as a physical gift to someone for there... continue reading

Halloween Is Approaching

With the Halloween holiday fast approaching it would be a wise decision to add a few Halloween and scary themes to your portfolio so buyers can select some spooky images for there projects. Halloween is a favorite for millions of people around the world and is a very popular subject to cover in stock photography, so its a must to have at least a few Halloween themed photos and illustrations in your portfolio.Halloween is a holiday that children remember there whole lives from being a young child going... continue reading

Giving Your Buyers Different Image Options

The topic I would like to discuss is creating some images in a collage format where your buyers have different options to choose from in the photo for the same price, it's easy to sit there and think why should I do such a thing for the same price? The answer is because it makes you stand out more and gives your odds of the selling the picture higher because your offering more and in this competitive world of stock photographer its a must.Next I would like to explain offering pictures in different... continue reading

Playing Around With Design Editing Ideas

Last month and this month I have been playing around with some design ideas and came up with taking a few pictures of different rivers and editing them to look like something you would see out of a fairy tale, like bright pinks and purple colors that give the image an enchanted feel.Pictures out of the ordinary can sometimes be very appealing to a buyer or a designer because its one of a kind, for example its very easy to go out and take a picture of a plain old river, but taking a picture of a river... continue reading

Having A Set Of Pictures Can Increase Sales

Having pictures that go together in your portfolio can transition to more sales for the simple fact of if designers like the one photo they may want the other for there project which means more sales for you. Sometimes taking photos of the same objects at different angles isn't enough, sometimes it may be wise to consider adding another prop to the picture.Pictures at there simplest form can be even considered valuable, like a plain old napkin with the words I love you on it can appeal to buyers... continue reading

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