Articles by James Boardman

First image to reach Level 4

/I have finally had an image reach Level 4, only one level away from the coveted Level 5.The image to the left made this mark on 3/19/11, I hope it doesn't take as long for the next 25 DL's that it took for the first 25.It took 2years, 5months and 4 days.Funny thing is, of all my pics online this is one I almost deleted when I took it...Just goes to show you never know....Below, I have a couple more closing in on Level 4, the soccer one is only one away and the Farmers Market is 4 away.... continue reading

DT Images in use.

It has taken me a while, but I have finally seen a couple of my images in use for a full page magazine add.PDF Scan of add.I actually found it an interesting story...Stephanie was visiting a friend who was going through a lacrosse magazine at the time, when she came to a page and looked up at Stephanie and said "Hey this is you, and this other girl is your sister".They have had fun with this, and have enjoyed sharing their story. continue reading

600th Image Online....

Finally made this long awaited goal...My 600th Image is now online.I have pushed out the deadline a couple times over the past few months.Maybe I made to aggressive of a goal, then again maybe not and I just let life interfere.I don't expect to make the 1000 by this summer, but by the end of summer should be attainable.One reason for pushing the 1k goal to the end of summer is I'm currently busy with lacrosse pictures.I will keep uploading a few of these, but I have managed to create... continue reading

400th Down load

400th download...Yet another milestone reached just under 1 year after joining DT.Some may not think much of this, but I have learned lots on the art of Micro Stock in this year.Even with 400 dl's, I still haven't had the pleasure of seeing one of my shots in use.Maybe soon...Until then, I will watch my DL's slowly close in on my UL's. continue reading

500th Uploaded image...

Another milestone for me, my 500th upload...It has ben a long road taking just under 1 year.I have slowed down a little over the past few months, but as lacrosse season starts back up my uploads are picking up again.I am setting a personal goal to reach 1000 by September, so I better get back out there and looking for those perfect shots. continue reading

200th Down load....

A sign of improving...It took me 6 months to reach my 1st 100 down loads, and a mere 39 days to reach the 2nd hundred down loads.I have also uploaded more images and even managed to get a few in that aren't sports related. (I need to keep working on expanding that area)In sports, I have managed to expand from lacrosse to include soccer, football and baseball.Last month I had 68 DL's and only 10 days into this month I'm at 36.I have improved the quality and composition of shots uploaded,... continue reading

400th Upload....

I just had my 400th image accepted...I have set a goal to have 500 images online by the end of the year, which with my past couple months shouldn't be an issue.However, I do want to keep in mind that we have the holidays coming up and the review time may increase as we all celebrate our holidays...My acceptance ratio has continually improved over the past few months and feel that I am now doing my part to streamline the ETR.and it keeps getting better from there.On Oct 2nd, I had... continue reading

300th Image uploaded....

Just another among many milestones... My 300th image was approved on October 10, 2008.This was recently prolonged a bit as I disabled a few images, but worth the wait... (By the way - Yes, the player in white was carried off the field.)I have had to swallow my pride and not take the rejections personal.Reviewing my images with open eyes after reading the reviews I have been able to improve my acceptance ration and greatly reduce the number of rejections for Poor Lighting, Setup, Contrast or... continue reading

Great Job by the reviewers...

I have yet to complete a full year cycle here at DT, but have come to believe that I shouldn't expect one Jan to be the same as previous.Constantly changing...I have noticed that on 9/22/08 around 10am DT posted their 3.8 millionth photo.Something that has been in the working for years.Then on 10/07/08 at around 8am DT posted their 3.9 millionth photo online.A mere 15 days later they approved 100k images, with my AR and other I have heard I can only imagine they must have reviewed... continue reading

Editorial V Royalty Free

Editorial V Royalty FreeMy editorial images are bringing a good share of downloads with a lot less effort on my part.I don't have to get a model release or go through and remove all of the logo's or other possible copyrighted items from the images.I struggle with the thought of loosing potential downloads by not having RF, so I have started working on keeping a balance between the two.After a game, I'll go through and upload the top 4 images from the game. (4 seems to be the magic... continue reading

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