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Mastering the Basics : Adobe Photoshop

Unless you are a student of SOOC (straight out of camera), you will probably want to make adjustments to your digital images after you’ve taken them. For most of us, Adobe Photoshop is our go-to post processing software. And like most things in life today, post processing photographs can be simple or complicated depending on your level of expertise and desired effects.Fortunately, there are a few basic functions that, once understood and practiced, can transform 99% of the images you take... continue reading

Mastering the Basics : Adobe Lightroom

Learning a new software application can be overwhelming – especially when that application is Adobe Lightroom with its rich set of features and functionality. In those instances, it can be best to master the basics before attempting some of the more complex functionality.Assuming you are already familiar with post-processing concepts in digital photography, and are working with the desktop Adobe Lightroom Classic, here is an overview of everything you need to master just the basics of Adobe Lightroom.... continue reading

Maximize Your use of Dreamstime Lightboxes provides a wealth of tools for creators and buyers alike. And while we so often get notifications of new functionality to explore, we don’t often go looking at some of the great features that have been around since the beginning of time – and as such, often miss out on some useful tools. Lightboxes are one such area that can easily be overlooked – and yet is a feature that is rich in functionality for both the content creator and the end users on the site. So now seems like a... continue reading

6 PSD Templates Everyone Needs

Technology has leveled the playing field. No longer do you need to be a big business with access to a graphic design shop to produce professional materials needed to support your small business. You don’t even need to be a business at all.We now have tools on our desktop – or laptop or smartphone – that allow us to create all our graphic design needs from business cards to flyers - or even our online needs like banner ads and Timeline images. But does that mean we all need to be masters at the... continue reading

Turbo Charge Your Newsletter without Spamming

Getting a user to subscribe to your online newsletter is one of the most difficult and valuable actions you take as an e-Marketer. In most cases, you have created an offer for your target audience with something of value, and in exchange they agree to trust you to only send them future information that is of equal value and interest to them.E-marketing ethics requires an easy opt out capability be included with each communication sent to subscribers. That dreaded one click unsubscribe function means... continue reading

Pick the Right Lens for Any Situation

I am a firm believer in the old adage that the best lens to use in a photo shoot is the one you have with you. The trick is to pack your camera bag with the right lens(es) for the subject matter that you are going to shoot so that you will always have the one you need. Fortunately there are some easy to use guidelines for picking the right lens for the subject matter you are trying to shoot. But first, let’s define a few common terms to use as we talk about lens types to help the conversation.... continue reading

Valentine’s Day Design Ideas to Fall in Love With

If you are like me, you woke up the other day from a long winters nap just in time to find out that our favorite furry prognosticator, Punxatawny Phil, has predicted an early arrival of Spring. Which can only mean one thing, we are way behind on our Valentine’s Day design creations.But just like the fact that it is never too late to shop for that most romantic of all holidays (hint, hint guys – red roses NEVER go out of style), it fortunately is also never too late to create, find and... continue reading

5 Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It saves us effort by automating repetitive tasks; makes us smarter by allowing us to tap into repositories of ideas; and frees our valuable time to be used on more productive and creative pursuits.At least that is what we keep telling ourselves as we struggle to learn to take advantage of each new advancement in our technical lives. Take Adobe Lightroom for example. When you look at all the rich functionality inside this one little application – and compare... continue reading

5 Time Saving Hacks for Photographers

No matter what abundances we have in life, the thing we are always too short on is time. Finding time to do the things we love – like photography – can be a real challenge whether we are doing it for fun or for profit. One of the ways we can “generate” more time for doing what we love is to do it more efficiently. Here are 5 time saving hacks to help every photographer find a few more precious minutes to spend behind the lens.Create custom camera modesIf you have a DSLR, then you probably... continue reading

Origin of the Meme

I saw it the day before Daylight Savings Time ended. It is one of my favorites. I'm sure you’ve seen it – the one with a picture of Cher and the banner “If I could turn back time … well you can one hour this Sunday at 2am. Cher with a friend”.If you use any social media, or are just a consumer of Internet content, you know that Memes – like cats – are everywhere online. What you may not be aware of is just what they are, where they come from, and what they represent.According to... continue reading

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