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broken foot

On the 5th of April I went and broke my foot. I'd love to say that it happened on some crazy motor cycle adventure zooming past what ever ... but alas . I tripped up the stairs.learning to live with crutches was a nightmare .. making coffee was a feat taking at least 10 minutes to skillfully slide it across furniture to my preferred destination .. otherwise it was drinking it standing near the kettle - whats relaxing in that?you literally loose your freedom! no driving, no hands (they are... continue reading

end of an era

"In 1975 Kodak invents the world's first digital camera with a resolution of 0.1 megapixels; the camera was the size of a toaster ...Kodak - why moment has passedI'm sure everyone here has had a Kodak moment in their life and captured it on a Kodak film ... a Moment . be it a celebration or just simply .. a moment .. tribute to the first and incredibly significant producers is a must! I hope they manage to keep surviving in therest of their ventures .. as for the photography side of things... continue reading

Libya Uprising

I pray for all the people suffering in Libya to gain peace and democracy.I hope that the situation will calm and resolve as quickly as possible.I'm proud that my country Malta has taken an active role and is safe guarding hundreds by helping to evacuate these peoplehere are some editorial images of the planes that are helping evacuate people in Libya.Here is one of the F1 Mirage planes that landed in Malta instead by brave pilots who disregarded orders to bomb protesters. continue reading

Easter - It gives you a minute of peace

Easter is coming up soon - and it's always another reason to celebrate ..have you sacrificed anything? I'm afraid I haven't this year - shameful on me I guess ...besides the celebration and the reason to over indulge in bunnies and chocolate and eggs and laughs over a good roast lamb I do believe it's also a time to reflect on life. Take a minute and sit in silence .. reflect .. I'm quite sure you'll find some sort of peace :)Have a wonderful Easter! continue reading

do not shoot for peets sake ... unless..

Today I've self criticized myself and my work and realised that if I don't follow the following rules my images will be rejected or unsold. no use having a portfolio full of wonderful landscapes, isolated shots etc if they won't sell!I came up with the following thought .. do not shoot for peets sake ... unless..1- you really have a good subjectif you know it will sell, if you feel it will look good on a cover of a magazine or a billboard and will catch your eye... don't shoot it.... continue reading

I'm so silly!! - kicking myself

All this talk of keywording made me have a look at mine and OH MAN what a silly fool I've been the past year - I'm going through my images one by one and checking my keywords .... they are rubbish!!!example: this open book with the title "open empty book"; before I corrected it, it didn't even have the words "open, empty and paper" rubbish! :sssso I'm taking this new aproach and have jotted down a couple of questions before submitting to help find the keywords in my head:1 - is there... continue reading

150!! YAY!!

I've just got back from Rome 2 weeks ago and I have been waiting to see if some of my images would be accepted.I traveled with my husband and 10 month old son, who absolutely loved Rome, but time was difficult to sit still and snap as much as I can and we were only there for 4 days.Rome is a fantastic place - full of life and art and history - it's impossible to get bored. even by sitting in a piazza having a delicious cake and coffee or relaxing with a bottle of wine or just walking around... continue reading

it is a sparkly fairy and fantastic time from now on for a month!!

It's Christmas in a month!! who is excited??I certainly am!! this next month is all about cheer, smiles and love spread everywhere - lights shining bright and happiness .. and carols and decorations and the general spirit!I love this month for all that it's worth :)I truly hope the Christmas bug and fairy hits you all with all the smiles in the world!! :))) continue reading

be different

Kids Who Are Differentby Digby WolfeHere's to the kids who are different,The kids who don't always get A's,The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers,And noses that go on for days...Here's to the kids who are different,The kids they call crazy or dumb,The kids who don't fit, with the guts and the grit,Who dance to a different drum...Here's to the kids who are different,The kids with the mischievous streak,For when they have grown, as history's shown,It's their... continue reading


What did Sushi A ask Sushi B?WASSSSSAAAABI!?thought I'd share a smile and a laugh :) good day to all:) keks continue reading

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