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BIG in microSTOCK tips and tutorials

Hello AllI'm very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website. It is still in development but already contains quite some interesting articles. Topics go from basic over advanced microstock to photography and a whole lot more. Learn how to sell successfully images online. Check it out : Tips on selling images at BIG in microSTOCKHave fun,Dirk continue reading

get noticed through quality

The best way to draw attention to your port is buy uploading high quality pictures. There are several way to draw attention to your port, high quality is only one but its the most important!- exclusivity : exclusive pictures end up higher in stock searches and therefore will be noticed earlier. This will lead to extra sales. It even is said to be the best way to draw attention. For luck there are some other ways to draw attention (I'm not exclusive but I will upload some exclusive pictures soon)... continue reading

Too many shots : part two

It really takes time to take good pictures, it only takes seconds to take a snapshot!There are a lot of considerations to take, making beautiful pictures.If you don't want to depend on a 'lucky shot', take your time, and you will notice results quickly. Everybody has room for improvement.Here are some important points :1. practice a lot, take a lot of pictures and learn from them.Study the pictures you took, the good ones and the bad ones.Try to see what is good or bad, how cold... continue reading

ice cold

A toast, an ice cold toast on the new year. With some of my newest frozen images!I Wish you all a happy new and creative year! continue reading

A little extra work pays of

I have not been uploading as much as I would like lately.But I did put some extra work in the pictures I made.And the extra work did pay of!Only two weeks after uploading I had my first level 2 image. Here it is, my manipulated food!Hope the rest of the series will also do well.I put quite some time brainstorming, a little time to put it together,a few seconds pushing the release and a bit of time processing.In the end I'm quite proud of the result.I really pays of to plan... continue reading

100 uploads!

I reached 100 uploads! But more exiting, sales are rising quickly. I only have 16 until now but 9 of them were sold during the last week. Did my previous blog help? Did my collections help? I just don't know, I only see nice results, not the causes.Within two weeks I will start taking pictures like hell! My working contract will end and no new job in sight. Will be perfect for a short amount of time!this is my number 100, many more to come! I doubled my number of uploads in one month,... continue reading

Too many shots!

I think that if we want to get more attention from the buyers we have to take a little less pictures! Yes indeed less pictures! I see you scratching your head! You look surprised!No this is not a joke!I'm talking from my experience with film. I'm studying analog photography and shoot 35mm as well as medium and large format. When I'm going to take pictures with my 35mm camera I take quite a lot of pictures because there's quite some frames (36) on a film. With a medium (12) and even more... continue reading

Does it help to increase sales?

I'm still quite new in micro stock. Had some sales but not to many yet. I was wondering, do blogs help raising sales? So lets try it! Maybe the quality of the blog is important to. So I just start with a simple one.Another thing I was wondering about! Are sales effected by the continuity of uploads, do sales go better if you upload regularly. Just wondering and enjoying this site.This is actually my first blog ever!Greetings,Dirk continue reading

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