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  • London, Canada
Always have your camera ready to shoot and I find, sometimes the picture finds me before I find it.

Wow - Found one of my purchased photos - I designed this! Me...

I did a search on my photos that have been purchased.Wow what a thrill to find someone is using it as a main part of their business web-site.Here is their web-site below.http://cdnsriaward.wordpress.

Share funny or "sticky" situation you had to get that "perfect" shot.

I was reading someone elses blog and he commented on running for his camera and sitting in the morning dew with disheveled hair to get that perfect shot of a skink on a rock sunning herself.

Sometimes the perfect shot finds you.

When you are least expecting it, a picture presents itself to you.If you are ready for it, you can capture it.Some of the best pictures I have taken, have found me and not the other way around.

Learning Process - and sticking with it.

I joined Dreamstime as an outlet for my urge to click the shutter button.I love photography, always have.