Articles by Huijie Li

Difficult 72nd Sale

After 168 hours' waiting, I finally have my 72nd sale of Shenyang Palace, which is from my first uploaded album.To my surprise, there is no any key word shown upon this picture's downloading. Anybody may advise me how the buyer find this picture? Maybe he/she found my homepage at first, then bought this picture?Very wondering........ continue reading

The Dawn

Upon a while, I loved to take the pictures for the sun-rise. The dawn can always make myself forget all the unhappy mass and just enjoy the warm brought by the dawn.I do wish your life will be as same as the dawn, which is full of the brightness, strenth, hope and warmth! continue reading

The Very Place

Here is the very place I may disclose my real feeling and emotion! Thanks God!Missing you so much! It's already 12th days!The burden is much heavier when I need to carry it by myself alone.Ich brauche dich sehr viel! continue reading

Discussion on More Money or More Online Pic of DT

Just read one interesting blog established by a DT photographer. His question is very interesting:When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious?Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD download?Or when your 500th image has been accepted?And my comments is as follows:I believe both ways shall be considered! Earning money from DT is not the main make-living tool for most of DT photographers, I assume. However, the most accepted online pictures cannot be treated as a symbol of... continue reading

Finally USD100!

Finally I achieved USD 100!!! However, the total sale is still below 60......Come on, sale sale sale!!!Why is there no "On Sale" option for the photographers in DT? continue reading

All My Shots at Level 2

I don't know how's your shots. However, I have 5 pictures at level 2 now!!! Dreamstime does make all photos downloaded 5 times above as Level 2. But when can I have my first Level 3? Anybody knows how many downloads for 1 shot at Level 3? 15 downloads or 20 downloads above?Wondering but expecting......All my Level 2s: continue reading

Circle Heaven & Square Earth

All the ancient arthitectures in China were based on the mistary Feng Shui. Feng shui, a marriage of art and science, is a practice founded in China and refined by feng shui masters through 6,000 years of development. Feng shui masters carefully map the nature and flow of energy through buildings and spaces.In order to collecting the best luck for the owner of a building, the Feng Shui masters are always to suggest the owner to make their buildings include not only the sky but also the earth.... continue reading

Living Room On Bed

Have you ever seen such a kind of bed, a heatable brick bed? It's called as "Kang" in Chinese and very popular in northern China, especially in ancient time.As shown in my shot, you may find the ancient people even put a small table on this kind of huge bed, which is made of brick. They treated this bed not only as a bed for the sleeping at night, but also the living room for the entire family! Women will sit around it at day time to make some meedle work; the entire family will have daily meals... continue reading

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow, shall be considered as one of the most famous songs in Hollywood movies. I love rainbows not only because its lovely light spray, but also because it's so rare.Do you also have any shots with real rainbows inside? :-) Please share with me. continue reading

Shadow or Light? It's a question!

Photography is called as the art of light and shadow, as you may all know. However, I do not know whether you have the similar question as I have: whether I shall use shadow more than light in the shot or not? I am still wondering and considering. If you also have any ideas or answer, let's discuss! continue reading

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