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My Experience Buying Your Images

For many years I was a photographer on Dreamstime. And I still have an old, but still selling portfolio here.These days I am too busy to shoot. But I am back on Dreamstime buying instead of contributing. It's early days, but I thought I might share a few thoughts with you that may help you sell more stuff.I have started writing blogs on LinkedIn as a way of building my own personal brand, you can see my portfolio of stories HERE   The above image from Atholpady was used for... continue reading

Over $4000 earnings, and have not contributed for years

I joined Dreamstime back in 2006, and way back at the start I was hungry to get 1,000 images online.But work requirements dragged me away. In fact, my Canon 5d has not been turned on for over 2 years. Although my love of looking at photos has never waned.But what I wanted to share with new photographers is the benefit of Dreamstime to those of us who get distracted. You see, the time your image is online and selling is a huge benefit to you. I opened up my account today to find another... continue reading

$3000 in sales

This innocent looking truck was the sale that pushed me over the $3000 in sales.While it is a simple enough thing, and it could be just another sale, it is the level of the sale that sets Dreamstime apart. This is a level 4 sale. That means it has sold between 25 - 49 times. What is important about this for contributors is that the more times the image sells, the greater the value of the image becomes.Further to this, not long after that sale, I got another. "Changing Business Conditions"... continue reading

My Dreamstime sales back up over $100 per month

This month saw a boost to my sales even though I have not submitted for a while. The benefit of Dreamstime as a micro is that your sales continue to grow even if your portfolio stays static.My average sale price has rocketed up to $1.75 each which to me is very very good.One of the most understated benefits of being on Dreamstime is the image level. That is, the more sales you have of one particular image, the more you earn from a sale.Even though some of my pics are now 2 years old,... continue reading

$2000 in Dreamstime sales

I have achieved yet another 2009 goal here on Dreamstime, recording $USD2000 in sales. Of course with the exchange rate the way it is, that is close to $AUD3500, which is great.Hey, thanks to all those kind and rewarding designers who have purchased by stuff over the past 2 years.It is good to know that in despite of the Global Economic Crisis, things are still selling, so I raise my glasses high. Eye glasses, that is.Anyways, here's to my next goal. And 2009. continue reading

400 Images on DT

Wow!. February 2009 looked pretty dismal personally, but professionally it has allowed me to celebrate 2 huge milestones here.First, I broke the 2,000 sales barrier, and now I have 400 images online.It is really exciting to set goals and see them come to reality. My long term goal for this year is to get 1,000 photos up. But I am breaking that into lots of smaller goals.Ok so the next big goal is to get 500 online! That would be fantastic. But that is a while off.Right now, I think... continue reading

My first 2,000 sales

Just a quick message to thank all you wonderful people who have helped me reach an important milestone: 2000 sales.I was hoping that 400 uploads would correspond with the milestone but missed it by "that much".I sincerely hope that the next 2,000 rushes along, as I try to also reach 1,000 uploads in 2009.Remember you can contact me at any time if you want to know more, or if you are after something distinctly Australian. continue reading

Recession and advertising

Most of us in the DT community will be hit one way or another because of the economy. But it does not have to be that way. Read this quote:"In a study of U.S. recessions, McGraw-Hill Research analyzed 600 companies from 1980-1985. The results showed that business-to-business firms that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-1982 recession averaged significantly higher sales growth, both during the recession and for the following three years, than those that eliminated... continue reading

So what's it like ... a White Christmas?

For most of us in Australia, the concept of a White Christmas is so foreign it is hard to even imagine. Normally in late December (for those of us in the north of the country at least) we are in the grip of a heat wave. The only reprise is the air conditioner or head to the beach. Christmas here is sitting around in the shade of the patio, normally with the hose to spraythe kids to keep them from exhaustion, a few VERY cold beers, watermelon, prawns, cold meat and salad. Mind you there are still... continue reading

Merry Christmas to you, and you, and you

Dreamstime has the best collection of Christmas images on the web. Whether the designer requires a theme, such as religion, or simply something to add to a presentation for a business, it is all here.I did a little search and came up with these gems.Karen Roach has a great portfolio of everything for cards, from candy canes, to snowman.There is no doubting the skill of illustrator Patrick Hermans with his messages of joy and goodwill.A classic Nazerath carpenter is seen in this vector... continue reading

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