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How to make your images more attractive for the buyers!

I bet you all have those amazing sky images that will never got accepted in the stock agencies because of the very well covered subject in their database. Well, here’s how to use them and make your other images more attractive for the buyers just in 4 steps.1.Open both the original image and the image of the wanted sky.2.Copy and paste the sky image over the original one.3.If the sky is too dark or light for the image, use a tool like the Curves tool to lighten it so it blends in better... continue reading

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Hi all DT fellows,it's time to make a big surprise for our friend - it's Susan's birthday today!surprised with lots of B-day wishes from her friends here!Happy Birthday, Susan!Don't stop having fun till you're 126! :)Oh, I almost forgot! I promised you long time ago, to give you a new computer for your Bday! Here it is! Hope you won't break it fast!Susan doesn't have any Bday cake in her port (or she didn't have a keyword "cake"), so here are some small brownie cakes with clipping... continue reading

Four days national holidays because of my success!

One thousand pics on’line -my star began to shine!All invitations I will sign,come along and have some wine! :)It’s time for party now,I keep on saying “wow wow wow”!That’s for me a huge success,God has kissed me with his bless!I have to stop for now with that,I’ve showed you pics to have a look at!And something serious I want to share:DT rocks! They have noone to compare!!!Oh, and there are really four days national holidays (we celebrate the Independence... continue reading

Today is World Photography Day!

One short blog!It's time to celebrate!Today is World Photography Day!Say CHEESE!!!! continue reading

Here I am - on my wedding day!

Here I am, a bride!But now I won't write about my wedding (full of surprises, emotions and feelings) but for taking photos on your wedding day. I asked for advices in one of my previous blogs. And getting the advices together with the reality, I could make some conclusions:* Hire a pro photographer! You all know why :))) Nobody can do it better than a pro!* Make your must-have list of photos and show it to your photographer. You'll never think about taking photos on your wedding day - you... continue reading

She made my day!

I've always wanted to recieve a comment from a buyer and I was always happy for those of you who already had a comment. I haven't recieve a comment till this morning!"Beautiful and very well photographed. I will love to use this in my artwork. Your work is great! Oh, and sure I will send a link to the finished work, when I do it. thanks so much!"She's great! I really thank you K. and I wish all buyers were like you!Don't forget to send me the final result! Cheers! :))) continue reading

It’s my birthday today!!!

It’s my birthday today!!!And after 3 days, it’s my first DT day also! So, I have two big celebrations one after another. Thank you DT staff and DT friends for everything. It’s big fun being here and I hope it’s going to be that way for a long time.Here's a piece of cake for all of you! Don't eat too much :)It’s time for fun now :) I’m going out for a one-day trip and I hope you’ll see the results online in a week :)Hugs and kisses for everyone!Chao and have a great... continue reading

Don't delete your old photos!

A while ago I read a post about deleting photos from your portfolio that are out of date. Well, I din't delete mine.I felt it like throwing away my work, that I've spend time and effort to create it.And it was good I didn't.Some days ago I had this strange April' sale :)2.27$ were added to my earnings.So, do you think you have to delete your out of date photos?P.S. To the buyer: Happy New 2009 Year! :) continue reading

51 dl for 1 day being online

Here's my bestseller.It has 51 downloads for one day being online!Don't take it serious :) It's in the free section :)Thanks, Creativei for helping me to take my decision about putting my images in free section! That's the first one! I hope it will bring me more luck with selling my other images!I really think that who gives, will be given! continue reading

P-EL licensed rabbit ate my raspberries!

What a title, ah?One advise: never shoot first food and after that animals! Or eat the food between the shots!Last night I had my first EL sale here!!! P-EL!!!So, here it is …The bad rabbit. This creek rabbit that ate my beautiful raspberries on the “photo session” and I have never tasted them. But now I forgive him coz he added 20$ to my earnings. :) continue reading

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