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6000$ earned on Dreamstime :)

Hi Dreamstimers!Some years ago (03/02/2010) I uploaded my first pictures here on Dreamstime. I didn’t know what to expect.Days have passed – NO SALE, months have passed – still NO SALE. Shall I give up? Shall I upload more photos? Does this all make sense? Then, 6 months later, on 03/08/2010 my first sale! Juppi. I was so excited! I just earned 0,30$ with this picture, my first sold picture. Ok, so I will continue. I uploaded more. More sales came. My earnings balance looked better... continue reading

Goodbye Tavi!

I am so sad, with tears in my eyes writing this blog.Unfortunately our dear friend and contributor here on Dreamstime, Tavi, left this world on his way to take another perfect picture. Saturday, on another weekly phototour, he fell off the ridge of the mountain in one of his favorite place: Fagaras Mountains, Romania.The mountains were his home, the nature was his mother. He always wanted to be near the sky, near the clouds, in the highlands, he always carryed his heavy photo equipment to... continue reading

Why I love mountains

Hello dreamtimers,What are Mountains? A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. Ok So? What is so beautiful about those landforms? Why so many people love the mountains?Why hikers are climbing hours and hours to reach the highest peak? Why trail runners are struggling to finish a mountain marathon? Why photographers carry all their heavy equipment in the highlands just to take a photo?It´s all about the beauty,... continue reading

3000 dollars

Hello Dreamtimers :)A few days ago I reached 3000 dollars here on Dreamstime.I am happy with this result, considering that I have only 492 pictures online. I do stock photography as a hobby, only in my free time, and this time is too short. I wish I could upload more, I wish I had 3000 pictures online, but it´s going very slow. At least I have some good sales each month and this motivates me for the future :) I keep uploading, even if only 10 pictures per month.My total sales is now... continue reading

Vacation with DT Money :)

Hello Dreamstimers :)I am so excited so I want to share this with you :)Today I made a payment of almost 1000 dollars from Dreamstime andtoday I booked a vacationin Turkey with this money :)So Friday me and my family, we are flying to Kusadasi :)Thanks Dreamstime for this vacation! :) continue reading

Spring activities

So it’s the beginning of April and I am still waiting for the spring. The weather in internet promises that spring comes next week.I can’t wait to see the green grass, the little leaves and the buds in the trees, the sun and some blue sky, the smelling of spring.I can’t wait to begin the spring activities:-Walking in the park with my family-Photo shooting outdoor-Fishing-Hiking in the mountains-Jogging in the... continue reading

My picture on 2 book covers !!!

Hello all,As I was doing some searches on my pictures I found out that one of my best selling picture is the cover for two books.I am so pleased and so excited to see this :)Here are the two books: here is the lucky picture :)Thank you for choosing my photo! continue reading

3 years with Dreamstime

Hello DreamstimersIt’s about time that I write another little blog :)This time it’s because I am 3 years old.When I look now at my portfolio I see that don’t have much pictures online, comparing to others. I’m not a full time photographer, so I do this when I have some free time. I love going out, exploring the nature, hiking, travel, so, many of my pictures are about these subjects. Sometimes I install my little home studio to take some shoots. I even created some illustrations... continue reading

Go out!

Hello All!As some of you know, I am a nature lover, I love hiking, I love visiting new places, I love green grass, I love the birds, I love mountains, I love everything that has to do with nature.As I moved in a city near the mountains,I have now the opportunity to explore even more, and this is what I do every weekend together with my family.What I am very surprised to discover is that manylocal people, people that live here since they were born, they don’t know their surroundings,... continue reading

2000 dollars and still loyal :)

Hello Dreamstimers,It’s a long time since I wrote my last blog. But a have a excuse, my life changed a little bit, a little bit means I changed my job, my apartment, everything :)But I did not quit Dreamstime, I continued to upload pictures, the sales continued so I am happy that I reached almost 2000 dollars and 1070 downloads with only 402 pictures online.Both me and my wife are participating actively in taking pictures and upload them to DT, so the money are used in family purposes... continue reading

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