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Thoughtful about Drones

Last year I had wrote a blog about drones on my wish list as an equipment. Unfortunately my wish didn't come true in 2019, but hopefully in this new decade it will.Some of reasons that my wish didn't come true yet are obviously the high cost of what I want and the licensing issue where I live!Still I have some thoughts that I want to share with you about drones which I hope they are useful for you! First of all if you want to buy a drone, make sure it makes 4K videos not only HD!As a microstocker... continue reading

Designers extracting colors by knowing their clients

Naturally we are exposed to colors since we get born & influenced by what we see & what we like from these variety of colors. Now a days in terms of design, people are exposed to a numerous number of designs & colors that are influencing us whether we notice it much or not. Some colors you might be ignoring most of your life & all of a sudden it starts paying your attention. Anyway I'm not going to discuss this from a psychological aspect as I'm not a specialist, but as a... continue reading

Professional Caption For Event Photography

After taking photos of an event, as a microstocker I think our responsibility is not limited with the quality of the photo only, but it's also about a professional caption for the subject & the event as well.We can't forget that some of our buyers are journalists or press writers and many times they are looking for a specific event to license images as an editorial. Though we should provide them with accurate information behind the photo and describing it.I know Microstocks agencies... continue reading

A small gadget for every moment

My shopping list of gadgets to buy sounds like a lady's list of shoes and bags to buy! Almost every day something new to add on the list and eventually to buy! hahaAdded on my list lately is the DJI Osmo Pocket!I think it's a very unusual camera for those who like to document anything anywhere...1. It's a pocket size camera. It's really a relief not to carry cameras and heavy equipment and still you can shoot amazing moments.2. It's equipped with a... continue reading

Higher perspective equipment

On the new year's eve we have a Portuguese tradition in eating 12 raisins and making 12 wishes or goals for the whole year.This year during this ceremony a minute before midnight, one of my wishes was to buy a powerful drone like Mavic Air.It's not something that is going to replace any of my equipment, but it will add more value to my skills and my photography, not to mention the fun!As technology has made it possible to use these gadgets for personal use, the world of photography had reached... continue reading

Copy space importance for designers to make composite images

We Microstockers are famous in isolating objects & doing boring stuff to facilitate designers life with some elements, for them to have their creative composite design done faster. In fact the most successful Microstockers have made their fortune with isolated images more than other types of images.But designers don't need only isolated objects as you know, they also need ready creative composite images as well.The question is, what makes designers choose a composite image among hundreds... continue reading

Photography emotions based on a true tragedy

This story comes again from the Philippines when I was residing there. By the end of the year 2013 a warning spread all over the local news about a coming disastrous typhoon called Haiyan, a.k.a Yolanda in the Philippines. The images of people trying to escape from where Yolanda might hit was filling the news. People in the region of Visayas & Mindanao were in panic. Me & my wife somehow were worried cause you will never know if mother nature decides to surprise us in the region of Davao more... continue reading

Commonsense with an effective Mobile Advertising

As most of you know that advertising on the internet didn't go always under firm regulations & control, though lots of fake ads are spread all over the internet! Unfortunately mobile ads didn't escape from this practice!Some think marketing is to lie with all your teeth to reach your target and it's not of course, but still we see lots of cunning ads continue on mobile as well.The content and what you say will get you there & will get you the regular customers if you work right!... continue reading

Turning a location you dislike to a location for multi sessions

When I was in the Philippines I was living in an apartment that was 15 minutes on foot far from the beach! This sounds too lucky. In fact it wasn't any of these marvelous beaches that you see tourists taking pictures in the Philippines, a country that is rich with tourism & magnificent beaches! The beach is actually crowded, not very clean, some areas were smelly, used as a fishing beach mostly, located near a poor area, i.e.: you barely could find any tourist on there.I've been there... continue reading

Web design modern tips & tricks to generate active clicks

Web design now a days with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has made it magically beautiful with the possibilities of rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations etc.What does that mean for designers & photographers?It means that modern web coding languages have made it more possible for designers to use more images & web elements that can be shown on a single web page or even the visible part of the page, which in hand has made it faster for the message to be delivered &... continue reading

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