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Some Buyers need the Ugly

I cannot imagine buying a close up of small fish being propelled out of a chute of falling water to hang on my wall. And yet, that image was my first sale. It took me by surprise – not just because I had made a sale (finally!) – but because the image was not the traditional ‘photo’ that people would typically purchase. Instead, it was probably purchased for an article – maybe a journalist was writing about fish hatcheries or stocking fishing ponds or something. I never did find... continue reading

Ready when the Buyer needs it

Think four months ahead. What advertisements will you see in magazines or on website banners that Buyers are looking for – and are looking to buy right now - four months ahead? We as Contributors can anticipate Buyers’ timeframes, and make it work for us. Not only can we look to serve those needs in our next work, but we can keyword toward that need, too. I used to think that category ‘Holidays' was really just for The Big Ones, but in fact, there are many ‘seasons’ and ‘events’... continue reading

New Buyer to Dreamstime? 4 Quick Starter Tips

I figure there are basically two types of new Buyers out there – those who already know the image they are looking for, and those who have a concept, but won’t know what it looks like until we actually see it. Having been a Buyer in both groups, and now also a Contributor to Dreamstime, I can share some tips to help speed along your initial searches. Describe to yourself – out loud – what you are looking for.I know it’s weird, but the ‘out loud’ part makes a difference. Let’s... continue reading

Three stress reducers for Beginners

Somehow, I realized one day that my previous hobbies, my career, were no longer holding the same interest for me as they had in my first forty years. I was bored – and becoming boring – even to myself.Eventually, I decided to make a change – a scary one - I marketed myself to a company in a different industry. That started a chain reaction. One of my new responsibilities with this company was as a buyer of stock images, effectively introducing me to stock photography. Had I not... continue reading

Geology makes landscapes look the way they do

I’m no Master of photography - but I know what I like to look at. And in photographing landscapes, I also understand why landscapes look the way they do, and the processes that shapes land at the surface. As a trained geoscientist, some of my existing skills have helped me improve my landscape photography, as well as pointed me toward methods in catching wildlife in their element.Patience.Landscapes each tell a geological story. In part because the underlying structure of the bedrock... continue reading

A Buyers observation: Diverse portfolio's are healthy portfolio's

Diversity is a good thing. I’ve always heard that being ‘different’ is a good thing. There is truth in that. The more variety, the more change, the more one stands out a little bit - the more interest one garners.Having images in your portfolio that are different from one another – that diversity – is also valuable – and can be lucrative. Generating a portfolio with diverse content is not difficult – perhaps only a matter of mindset.As an occasional Buyer, I try to find that perfect... continue reading

A good first lesson as A Buyer of stock photography

My first introduction to the world of stock photography was as a buyer. And as such, I made some early and important realizations about keywording before I became a contributor.Understand how keyword entry works for buyers The computer algorithm needed to sort through almost 100 million images based on only a few key words, has to be quite powerful. Finding the perfect image in a sea of millions may seem impossible, but the better your understanding of what you seek, and the better your choice of... continue reading

New Bedford Weekend Away

A recent winter weekend away was spent visiting the New England Massachusetts city of New Bedford. Referred to by a local as ‘a real New England fishing town’, the harbor supports a large fishing fleet as well as container ships that bring products from all over the world.A Safe HarborDue to the investment in a Hurricane Barrier (and now a Harbor Walkway), the harbor is well protected. A lovely harbor walk, the elevated seawall also provides photographers an elevated vantage point... continue reading

Dreamstime newbie no more

I’ve been a part of the Dreamstime family for almost two years now and in first joining, I was new to everything – to photography, to keywording; even to the concept of ‘stock photography’. It’s taking time to learn and make the best of all the DreamsTime features, but one recent discovery has already proven handy in increasing Views – and may lead to more sales. A great opportunity to improve my early mistakes, the ‘Edit’ feature is one I’m now taking advantage of. Of course, this... continue reading

Government shut down will not affect national park geology or climate – but damage will be done, all the same

One great thing about our dynamic planet is the seemingly endless variety of landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife from the highest mountains to the deepest ocean abyssal plains and trenches. Earth’s molten guts generate the movement of the Earth’s crust and define the geology of our continents and ocean floor, while Earth’s climates dictate the changes to the surface where vegetation and wildlife (and people) can eke out existence. Now factor in Time, and you’ve got the complexity... continue reading

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