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Creating punchy colour using the PS Channel Mixer

So here is a controlled way of pushing colour to your liking using an adjustment layer and the Channel Mixer.Ensure your image has the correct white balance and tones before proceeding.1. I like to always duplicate the background. (Ctrl+J - windows)2. From the Layers pallet, go to the bottom choose the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button and choose > Channel Mixer.3. The Channel Mixer window opens on your red output channel, here you dial in +144% red; -20% green and blue.4. Go... continue reading

HDR extended

Continuing from the previous article on HDR editing in Photoshop.To make use of more than 2 images and make texture and filtration adjustments here goes.Remember use a tripod and ensure all images register identically.1. Using 3 image exposures, open all three images and using the Move (V) tool; copy darkest to lightest on top of the darkest image.Holding down the shift key aligns each image as you copy it over.2. Add a layer mask to layer 1 and 2.3. Close layer 2 by clicking on... continue reading

High Dynamic Range Images an easy option

This adapted from an article on HDR found in the "Garden Route Photo" web site, written by Hougaard Malan”HDR is in no way some miraculous technique to make a mediocre photo an amazing one, neither is it the gateway to becoming a great digital landscape photographer. Post processing will always play a minor role in creating a great photograph but the main effort will always be in the planning and shooting phase.HDR is popular because a camera can’t always capture the dynamic range of light... continue reading


In essence as photographer you must separate image subject from the overall image and the context in which the subject is put or found (object/background).The following is just a guidline to achiving this, and also for ensuring useful and commercially viable visuals.Subject - Background RelationshipVision is a scanning procedure the eye and mind look to separate the perceived subject from the background, this is dependant on the interests of the viewer. The background becomes an integral... continue reading

I enjoy the look and feel of GRUNGE

This technique offers me the ability to add texture to inherently textured elements of some of my images. It all depends on your Photoshop skills but you can apply this technique as you feel best suits your image and ability.I have summerised each process and assume you are familiar with Photoshop techniques.Start with an apropriate portrait of a textured face, or a textured object.1. Duplicate Layer (Ctrl+J)2. High Pass on this layer (Filter - Other - High Pass set around 10 to start)... continue reading

I find there is always a photo hidden in there somewhere.

Often an image is hiding in the overall scene somewhere - details that I miss and pass by without noticing.So what I do, generally, to find these hidden gems, is to look for contrast between elements, find strong graphic shapes, repetitive patterns, and prominent; often primary colours.I don't stop at the first image, but continue shooting, at the same time refining the image by changing camera angle slightly, getting closer or change lenses to eliminate the distractions between subject &... continue reading

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