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Tip of the week: A zoom lens or stick to primes?

This is a question I have been receiving quite frequently from people who are just making their first steps in the world of photography. And the answer to the question is not so straightforward… So let's discuss about pros and cons for each type of lens.Zoom lensesThe main benefit in using a zoom lens is its versatility. You get multiple focal lengths in a single lens. It is convenient if you travel and do not want to carry many lenses. You can just carry one lens and use it at different focal... continue reading

Tip of the week: Adjusting exposure in post processing

Very common mistake that is most likely to happen if you are still in the learning process of taking photos is underexposure or overexposure of the photo. Images that have blown highlights, or lack details in shadows and dark areas are not so pleasing to the eye and usually don’t have sales potential in stock photography.Don’t get me wrong, there are cases when under or overexposure is done in a way so that the image carries certain message or tells certain story. People usually connect... continue reading

Mirrorless vs dSLR

It has been more than 10 years since the first mirrorless camera was introduced. At that point, no one would predict that the popularity of mirrorless cameras would grow so fast. Nowadays, mirrorless systems are using a large portion of camera market, both for amateur and professional photographers. I will try to present most of their advantages and drawbacks compared to dSLR systems, so you can choose more easily between the two systems.CAMERA SIZEThis is something you will notice immediately before... continue reading

Physics and photography - white balance

  Word photography is actually a combination of two words which have roots in Greek language. “Photon” which can be translated to light and “graphia” which means drawing. So, if you combine it together it sounds like “painting with light”. If we deep dive into the first word – photon, we are actually visiting the realm of physics because photon is an electromagnetic wave carrier, a single quantum of the electromagnetic wave. There are many types of electromagnetic (EM) waves which... continue reading

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