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End of April brought another milestone for me. 4000 sales! Not a big deal probably, but I am glad that the necessary time to sell 1000 pictures on Dreamstime gets shorter and shorter. If I needed almost two years to get my first 2000 sales, something more than 6 months were enough to double this figure. It's getting better probably because my portfolio increased. Slowly but... surely :-)Thanks Dreamstime, buyers, fellow contributors for all you support and... likes on Facebook :-)Much appreciated.... continue reading

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, I know it was my birthday yesterday... but what about this present?More than 50 sales in less than 24 hours? hmmm... I'm afraid there will be a refund soon :)Ok, another one...with something more than 25 sales...Let's say it made my day!P.S. no subscription sales continue reading


This is my 2000th picture sold on DT! Took me almost two years since I have opened my account here, but worth it.I've been away for a while, focused on my new job and my new house in a new city, and I was surprised to see how 2ood this month was! The best wishes for you! continue reading

And the day has come!

Why not searching for my images’ web usage today? I asked myself and started my journey with TinEye, a very useful tool, although limited… to 100 searches/day. At least I didn’t waste too much time…Actually it wasn’t a waste of time at all.I started with ‘the one’ and my only Level 4 imageand wow! found it onwww.kippreport.comwhich is a Middle East business news website. And I was soooooo thrilled! You know, the first time… but I wanted more… and searched... continue reading

Double celebration!

Recently I had my 1,000th image online after less than 18 months since I’ve registered with Dreamstime. A very nice milestone to reach and to celebrate especially when comes together with the 1,000th sale (after less than 24h - nice coincidence, isn't it?!); 1,000 of great moments of ‘acceptance’, growth, motivation and why not some extra-bucks in my account.Now more than ever I know that the journey with Dreamstime will be a long and prolific one. Thanks Dreamstime – admins, buyers,... continue reading

Being unique on Dreamstime

All of us try to be different, one of a kind at work, in relationships with different people, or when expressing ourselves. But I think everybody knows how hard is to be unique on Dreamstime. Now, with more than 8 million pictures online, this mission becomes even harder. Harder, but not impossible.I personally used to “copy” different concepts sold very well, but some of these pictures are still waiting for buyers. So, I dare to “think” about something original from time to time and... continue reading

My first...

I had my first image approved on DT more than one year ago and after three months I started to sell pictures one by one. It was the moment when I realised I shouldn’t have given up the idea of stock photography so easily. And I started to upload massively (according to my own standards :) The sales came progressively 1-12-25-49-87-122-138 sales per month… and so on. It’s amazing, isn’t it?! So amazing, that I decided to go exclusive with DT.And when I transferred the first 100$ into my... continue reading

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