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Illustrator Tutorial

I have just put some Illustrator tutorial on my website for anyone that is interested. I am currently working on a beginners guide to getting started in Illustrator and that should be online within the week.Illustrator TutorialAlso on my blog I have a review of the latest Illustrator CS3 from the stock illustrators point of view.Illustrator Blog continue reading

Is Dreamstime the best?

Is Dreamstime the best? well is it? for me you bet ya....the sales are really picking up month on month and with the new pricing structure it can only get better.... continue reading

Going fulltime!

The scary go full time or not! I took a the plunge in May of this year and haven't looked back!Yes it was scary and yes I had a back up plan just in case n didn't work but it was the best thing I have ever done. I don't earn as much as I did before but I am a much happier person and I get to spend much more time with my family. Also the added bonus of being much fitter, I swim 3 times a week, I am racing my mountain bike again (I even did a 12hr night race!).I would also like to... continue reading

I just realised that I am not God!

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is the only real life and that other people think that they are living a life but it is just a figment of their imagination and it only becomes real when they met you?Me neither, but ok, yes, I do sometimes but yesterday I saw some road work and it just hit me that I would never have imagined that arrangement of holes and barriers! Damn, I guess the world dose not revolve around me and you lot are just as real as me!I feels a bit odd but this is the... continue reading

Strange proposal?

My girlfriend has put up with me for over 3 years and has been dropping a few hints about getting married! I have been playing it cool but I think it is about time I popped the question...this is where you lot come in. Should I go traditional...meal, wine and down on one knee or should I go for something a bit different? Any ideas? continue reading

Desert Island - What would you take?

Just watched the film "cast away" with Tom Hanks. If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you take...other than a football called Wilson!I will start it girlfriend because she might read this blog not Neve Campbell! and some water and a knife. continue reading

Football - what team do you support?

Football - what team do you support? I (for my sins) Watford and keep an eye our for my local team Southend Utd.Who do you support? continue reading

Who has the most credits from blogs?

Who has earned the most credits from blogs so far?I have only posted a few blogs and raised 16 credits so far.I really like the idea of giving away credits, that way I can download some image from other members that I can aspire to creating one day...maybe continue reading

What are you going to spend your millions on?

When your stock portfolio finally takes off what are you going to spend your millions on?I have always wanted to buy some woods/meadow area and create a mountain bike circuit for the local youth....and maybe create an environmentally friendly house for myself.Where are you going to spend your millions.... continue reading

How long do you spend?

How long do you spend with your photos in photoshop tweaking and correcting them?If a photograph isn't working do you chuck it or put it to one side and go back to it later?How ordered is your work flow?Comments? continue reading

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