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Building a New Studio

Just in case some of you are still fighting the snow and ice and need something to think about, how about a new studio?You can learn from the best and Yuri has a new one to show you.I just saw this post and knew that it would get some of you photogs out of the winter doldrums just looking and deciding how to duplicate it.Lucky for me, it's becoming spring in my area and I have more important things to occupy my small mind!Such as, AHHHMMM, anyway, go forth and recreate if you dare. continue reading

4000 Sales

Well, I've been here a smidgen over 3 years now and I finally have 4000 sales to my credit!!!!!!Oh, I didn't mean to YELL, but it's exciting that buyers like my images!What's more exciting is all of the friends I've made here and been able to connect with on FB.What an interesting place this internet is.A big THANKS to everyone here and out there, I hope this keeps up for a long time! continue reading

Interesting Facts About Moon Photography

Interesting article by Randy Miller from the Old Farmer's Almanac:One-hundred-fifty years ago, on the night of September 1, 1849, the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At 10:30 P.M., Samuel D. Humphrey slid a highly polished, silver-plated copper sheet measuring 2–3/4x1–3/4 inches into his camera, which was pointed at the Moon.Humphrey then exposed the light-sensitive plate to the shining Moon nine times, varying the length of exposure from 0.5 seconds... continue reading

Arbor Day and May Day

We have some more "Days" upon us.Here is some info about the special dates from "The Old Farmer's Almanac".April 30—National Arbor DayAs editor of the Nebraska City News, Julius Sterling Morton proposed the first statewide Arbor Day for April 10, 1872. Over one million trees were planted on that day.Today Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April, although many states alter the date for local growing seasons.“Arbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes... continue reading

About Earth Day

© Noonie A Clean EarthWe guard the water quality of our lakes in the area where I live and take great care with cleaning the shorelines and waterways.The water is tested regularly and people are fined or taken to court if they mistreat the precious resource.The county I live in is about 95% National Forest and it is well taken care of.We have a very good recycle business in the county which makes a good income for the area.Each lake has a civic association which keeps watch on things... continue reading

Cheap Advertising

Here's my solution for advertising on a dime!Since I have business cards for my furniture business already I decided to make use of those to advertise my Dreamstime portfolio, also.Business cards from Vista Print are cheap ,so I ordered some with my referral URL (in large print) on them.Then I glued the two cards together.That's how I hand them out.It drives people crazy!!They always try to tear them apart!But it gets both sides noticed and I only have to hand out one card. continue reading

An Easter Project

I'm one of those people who seem to have intermittent OCD, which means that I get involved in things but easily get distracted before I finish and head onto the next "thing"!That makes me get way behind on some of my projects.Well, with a month to go until Easter, I managed to upload a few images.I know, that should have already been done...but as I stated....(I never finished my Christmas projects so I should get back onto those)Maybe if I didn't prefer to be outdoors taking photos, I could... continue reading

New Collection

continue reading

The Heroine

One of my models is now a real hero!She'll soon be famous county wide.This is GingerLast weekend a friend of mine set out on a mountain bike ride up a desolate county road in the ice and snow.It was a route he takes quite often and it didn't seem to bother him that it was cold because he had just gotten a whole new winter wardrobe to help keep him warm. How lucky that was!The road is a very rough forest service area used mostly by us hikers, cyclists, and some hunters.His wife... continue reading

What You Is Doing? (A straightening tip)

He was a cute kid standing on the side of the road holding a plastic ball and bat.He saw us riding by on our bicycles and grinned really big. We slowed down to say "hello" and he asked, "What you is doing?".Well, sometimes I have no idea!That day, of course, I did but we laughed and rode on, letting his parents explain to him about our bike ride.As for what I'm doing today, I decided to post a tip that probably many already know but I just learned, and it may help someone else.Keeping... continue reading

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