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Mind your own business!

Whilst stock photography is a great and fun way to make passive income, you could also generate income by turning your exisitng and future photography into another avenue of making money!With the advent of digital technology, more and more people have the skills at their fingertips to get creative and arty and turn their skills into a money making venture.More and more people are starting out on their own these days, wanting to create their own identity and marketing themselves and their business... continue reading

America in space race to Mars!

Mankind's quest to explore the universe outside their cosy home of planet Earth, 'to boldly go where no one has gone before' is as old as mankind itself, when they first looked up at the starry heavens and wondered what was out there!The quest to explore the stars has never been stronger in the minds and hearts of those who love the concept of space exploration down to this day!With such a burning desire to explore the universe, much scientific research and huge sums of money are being... continue reading

conceptual art in photography

In one of my previous blogs, I stated how background photos ( textures, colours, patterns, skies and clouds) can be used to good effect, and how they make the ideal foundation for publishers to use for their own type, text or image to be added on top.In conceptual photography, which I have spoken much about in previous blogs, everyday items or objects can be photographed and used to portray an idea outside its original intended main function or reason for its existence!For example, a book... continue reading

Sky is not the limit

It has to be said that a huge percentage of stock photography photos that sell extremely well are those ones classed as 'Background' photos.What exactly is a 'Background' photo?Well, any photo that lends itself to an ideal background shot that can be used by publishers and professionals to then add their own text or caption to, or insert a supplementary photo on top of your background photo.Background photos can come in many forms such as textures, colours, patterns etc or even... continue reading

Stand out from the crowd

In one of my previous blogs, I discussed how conceptual photography is designed with the intent purpose of conveying an idea, photography that is constructed or staged with a preconceived targeted audience or business in mind.I like to construct conceptual photography that can also lend itself quite easily to many themes.One particular tool that can be used in photoshop for maximum conceptual effect is 'colour popping' where one feature of the photo is in colour and the rest is in black... continue reading

Macro marvels

Over the last year or so I've been using a new camera which has a terrific zoom reach, and that is primarily why I bought the camera in the first place!I can also testify to the fact that the macro facility on this camera is equally impressive, and to date I have been very pleased with the results.I set myself a challenge one day to photograph all things small and hidden including insects and the often hidden small details within flowers, to put the camera through its paces and reveal marvels... continue reading

Windows to another world

On my travels with my camera, I like to look for objects or structures that would make good templates so that other photos can be superimposed or inserted into the template.Windows are a very good subject to use for this kind of thing.As an example, I took a photo of a castle window, and using photoshop, I blacked out the window area so that I could insert another photo within it later on.The photo below shows a castle window with two heads peering out with crazy expressions on their faces depicting... continue reading

Digitize old 35mm slides and negative film

Many of us vintage photographers have those old negative films and 35mm slides that need to be projected on to a wall or white screen hidden away in boxes and cupboards never to see the light of day again!Or can they?Yes! Why not bring some of those old format types of film into the 21st digital century!Those old slides or negatives of family parties, camping holidays, grandad's old cars and long departed relatives can be digitized and viewed on your computer and magic worked on them using photoshop.... continue reading

Getting fruity with layers

In my mind, Photoshop has got to be one of the best inventions of the modern age!Photoshop has done for photographers what the telescope has done for astronomers, the microscope for scientists, and what the humble pair of scissors has done for hairdressers! They have all benefited by tools which have taken their field of interest into another realm....which in turn has led to more discoveries and inventions!Photoshop is like a huge tool box, and like any tool box, some tools get used more than others,... continue reading

Lasso and isolate

I have attended many outdoor car shows over the years which have attracted thousands of people to the event. One particular favourite of mine is a yearly event in Kent where vintage cars from all over the world it gives me a great opportunity to get some shots of some rare beauties!One major problem of course is that it can be very frustrating with all those people clambering around the cars to get a good shot without them getting in the way.I never really have to worry too much about... continue reading

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