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Photo improvisation during this times

Here in Spain the lockdown measures are tough and only now, slow and careful lifting of the rules is starting. Which is very much OK of course as our government as well as others, reacted late to the virus threat and the death rate here, now at + 27.000 is unbearable.As I am 66 and therefore in the age level considered to be under special risk I have been prudent and have not left the house now since 10th of March.After some weeks of mental and physical hibernation, except the daily exercise around... continue reading

Andorra: more than wintersports and shopping

During this year I have been visiting the Principality of Andorra several times. Andorra is a small country right in the middle of the Pyrenees range, between France and Catalonia. It is an extremely mountainous area with only two mayor valleys leading one to the north and the other towards the east to the french border. Those are also the two basic communication roads, besides this there are only secondary roads which lead steep up the mountains allowing the driver to enjoy breathtaking scenarios.... continue reading

Moving to landscape photography

From the first moment I started as a Dreamstime contributor in 2010 I concentrated on wildlife photography, my background had always been related to nature, wildlife and generally speaking, anything alive as I like to say.During those years I think that I was using my camera and long lens just like a hunter uses his gun, I find the comparison horrible because I don't agree with any "sportive" killing of living beings but it was actually the case.What I mean is that I used to care... continue reading

Bialowieza forest and Biebrza marshes with Wild Poland

On October 13th I started a new adventure in Poland. I had always been reading about the famous Bialowieza forest, untouched by any human hand since 1923. Interestingly the fact that it was the private hunting grounds of the Russian Zar and therefore out of the reach of simple human beings, hunters and poachers alike, contributed to it's preservation up to our days. The Zar liked it's private forest so much that he even build a railway line with a station in the village of Bialowieza, just... continue reading

School "bus" Kenyan style

You may think that riding a bike with four tiny school children on the back is crazy but actually a fifth would have fitted in front of the driver!Three adults on a "piki-piki" (a motorcycle-taxi) is normal standard here in Kenya for an experienced driver but with small children you see the whole thing differently. Actually it would be an easy task for the traffic police to stop this nonsense if they would do their job as supposed. Unfortunately corruption is deeply rooted in the... continue reading


As you drive from Malindi on the Lamu road to Garisseni you arrive to Sabaki bridge. Very near to the bridge you find a huge Baobab, not the biggest you can see in the region for sure, but this one is special. During the fight for independence from the British colonial power the Mau Mau was the main armed organization in the war forUhuru, freedom.An old lady of the Giriama tribe called Mekatilili was a member of the organization andan outstanding personality for her bravery and persistence,... continue reading

The palm tree which gives Nasi and Mnasi

..he climbed up the vertical palm tree as fast as an average monkey and he was even holding the bucket to collect the Mnasi palmwine.The female Coconut palmtree gives coconuts, nasi and the male gives palmwine, all together a most useful tree for the community!Once he had checked the harvest high above he came down as fast as he had climbed to the top. The reward was meager, hardly a coffecup of wine and a few drowned bees. He pured a little bit on my hand making sure he was not adding the insects.... continue reading

The Giriama's Trinity

...the most surprising point however is the issue about the TRINITY!During my last trip to Kenya (one of many) I had the opportunity and the interest to dig a little bit deeper into the cultural and more specifically, the spiritual tradition of the Giriama tribe which is rather complex. The Giriamaare one of the nine groups which form the Mijikenda nation. On one hand they practice a certain type of ancestor cult. Those ancestors are represented by characteristic wooden... continue reading

Little shepherd

The children of the Giriama tribe are supposed to make themselves responsible for various issues like taking care of the goats, of their younger brothers and sisters, fetching water and collecting firewood and even cooking the meals. As we walked along the Galana river in Kenya we found this small boy somehow bored, leaning against a palm tree and looking at us while the herd of goats he was supposed to have an eye upon was grazing a few meters away near the river bench.They take it as a natural thing... continue reading

Wildlife Photography tour in Italy

Skua nature is an italian company dedicated to offer wildlife experiences mainly thru their excellent photography hides in Italy and Spain but also other countries like Romania.My first stop was at the Vercelli rice fields near Torino where I concentrated mainly on waders due to the swampy marsh habitats of the area. I stayed three days and had a lot of photographic fun under the guidance of my Skua nature guide Andrea.My next destination was the Vall di Argenta... continue reading

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