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Advise to create a blue sky with no editing

This article is for new photographers to stock footage and dreamstime! The world of stock footage is not the same as regular photography so here are tips for people that love to use Photoshop and editing software. The best advise I can give is stop using editing tools period! Your camera has all the settings it needs to capture the true essence of a blue sky and nobody in the editing world on this site likes to see pictures enhanced with color! You usually will get a rejection just by making... continue reading

Advise for new photographers - displaying and designing billboards

K.I.S.S. ( Keep it simple seriously )New on dreamstime? Trying to figure out how this whole world of stock footage works? You must do a lot of research, and read every blog you can on this site that applies to you. It took me 2 years to learn this whole system and I finally can pass on what I have learned so will post more as time permits!Christmas time in the stock footage world is highly competitive so you must stand out above the rest, so the K.I.S.S. rules apply especially when... continue reading

Designing front covers with emotions - advise and contest entry

Hello everyone new on Dreamstime! I welcome you to the best stock footage site on earth! It is so much fun to work here and I will give out some tips along my journey of here it goes!There is a contest out on how to convey emotions through photography so I thought I would give out some advise for anyone new to stock footage, and enter this contest at the same time!They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and emotions can make you read that picture on impact and any subject that... continue reading

Aim to shoot for International markets- Advice for stock footage

Hi everyone! I'm back and ready to inspire you that are just starting out as stock photographers!I'm going to give you advise about over saturated pictures and how to stop rejections in over saturated markets!You must do a lot!.......( and I mean a lot! ) of research!Just because you don't live in the Napa valley, or Europe, doesn't mean you can't shoot a design for that area! My advise is to get creative with designing your pictures to appeal to many markets, and... continue reading

500 picture milestone! Celebrity Chef Front Cover advise

I am so excited to announce I finally reached 500 files on my gallery! The journey has been one of much devotion and all I have to say is if it was easy everyone would do it! This takes many hours of focus, determination, and discipline.The journey has started by taking allot of pictures! When I say allot ...I mean allot! I have now shot 10,000 pictures and now can actually start uploading constantly so my first 500 are finally up!To be a success on dreams time you must upload a... continue reading

Farmer's Market - Weird Vegetables

I live in Canada and was shocked to find the weirdest vegetables that actually look like art pieces from elementary school!Who else has weird vegtables or fruit to share?The following shown are actually part of the squash or pumpkin family and are totally hilarious to look at but are a favorite at Thanksgiving time and are used mostly for decoration purposes however people do eat this vegetable to!Who else has found weird fruit or vegetables that look like art from your childhood ha ha.... continue reading

Vintage car story-300 photo milestone

So Im on a roll to get alot of pictures up and hopefully I can get to 1000 pictures soon but in the mean time I figured out that in order to take alot of market ready pictures I must get out of my comfort zone and go everywhere to find the best that I can find! I found this beautiful amazing classic car! I am a girl taking these pictures so for me to go into a classic car atmosphere was out of my comfort zone but I found the best car ever...It was polished up and looked perfect and I wanted to share... continue reading

Fire destroys buildings in British Columbia

PHOTOGRAPHY AND FIRE TAKES COURAGE AND GUTS AND DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHY FRIENDS!HERE IS MY STORY...ABOUT FIRE THIS WEEK......So I had the guts to go up to the fire and security to ask persmission to let me take pictures when the fire was almost contained so the area was still evacuated and they let me enter only because I presented myself professionally I was told. To be a photographer one also must be a negotiator and work as a photo journalist... continue reading


YOU NOTICE THAT IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT TO GET FLOWERS ACCEPTED ON DREAMSTIME?Do you notice it is even more of a challenge to get them sold?I challenge all the photographers on here to send the most exotic flowers you have on your portfolio right now that have not sold yet put them together here on this blog so designers can find all of the cool exotic flowers in one batch so we stand out from the millions of files that nobody seems to notice because there is so many same old same old in a... continue reading

British Columbia wildfires 45,000 people are evacuees july 2017

Do you think you got what it takes to take pictures of the fire?So far 327,000 hectares of fire has been reported across British Columbia in Canada. This translates into 155 active fires going on at one time. It is very difficult to get pictures of the blazes itself because nobody can get near the fire. Even at a distance the heat is so intense that it melts metal from vechiles and blows ashes the size of your hands that would feel like a hot pancake being thrown at you if it landed on your skin.... continue reading

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