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Dreamstime Watermarks, Are they Working to stop Image Thef?

OK, so I've been playing with the new search feature on Google.Have any of you been doing the same?I have to admit there have been some good and bad results so far.Good in that it is great to find where my images are being used, online.Bad in that during the course of the hits that I have found, I seem to have found more images being illegally used, than the legally used ones.As fa as the ones that are producing hits [outside of the dreamstime and or its affiliated stock libraries]... continue reading

2000 Sales _ Ok, so can I upgrade?

It is with great pleasure that I have today marked off another of the BIG milestones that I have been hanging for, for some time now …2000 sales!Rather fitting that is an image from within the series of images that were of my 1st kindling to my journey into my pursuit into photography.This marker now has brought with it a new "dilemma".So do I now still classify myself as a keen hobbyist? Or should I realistically start placing myself into a higher grade?It would be easy to say,... continue reading

Image found

Heya,The power of keyword searching …Just thought that I'd say that it is great to be able to find copies of my work up at various sites when I can.Just found one tonight: to the buyer who bought the image.Short and Sweet. continue reading

4th year off to a great bang

Ok so it's a little less than a month since my last post, and I am happy to announce yet another milestone has been realized.In November last year when I hit the sales mark of my highest level ever, I thought, that would be a long time before I see another month like that …Well was I wrong …My last four months have seen sustained high levels of sales, and revenue stream flowing from the sales. To the point that this month I have again broken my November 2010 highest ever level.I... continue reading

1st W-EL sale

I've been a contributing member here at DT for just a shade over three years now. In that time I have seen many firsts, and they just keep on coming.Tonight I see that I've made my 1st ever W-EL sale. Indeed a super milestone to have under the belt.HOORAY! I say.Now that is what I like to see.Especially if you know how much work was put into creating that image.Special note of thanks to the buyer, and if you do see this blog, I'd love to know where / how the image is being... continue reading

3rd year milestone in early

I've been quite on the blog forums of late …Lots of craziness, little time to share!But as I see the reality of the self imposed milestone, [as of Feb 2010], for Feb 2011 …In fact it has come a month early.On year 2, I made the 800 mark that I wanted to reach, and set myself the next target of 1600 [effectively doubling the level of content to my porti] [as did I do so for the preceding years success level].Yesterday I noted that the 1600 mark was fulfilled … HOORAY!!The... continue reading

Only one of it's kind here at DT

This months blog must be dedicated to those of us who strive to achieve that ever elusive, "one of a kind" … And in the interests of generating a sale for a fellow DT'er.Have you managed to single out a subject matter, or individual item, that just has not yet made it into the vast library of images here at DT?I do strive to find those items, not because it is anything other than an interesting challenge, that I have set out for myself, and would love to extend to all you fellow contributors... continue reading

1000 Sales up - And I didn't even notice it.

Tonight I am looking in on my account stats after a long hiatus — largerly as a result of just not ever having the time to get down to my favourite hobby … DT.I am very pleased to announce that I have hit & passed my 2010 milestone, that being 1000 sales [in total since I started uploading my images for inclusion into the database here at DT.The 1000 mark has been a medium term goal that I set at the outset of joining the ranks of the contributors & has actually come much faster than I expected it to.As a matter of interest the 1000th imageis also an image that successfully made the cut for last months assignment & then as as a result of the featuring such images are given continue reading

First Editor's Choice Award - FIFA WC 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup event, hosted here in South Africa, has seen many exciting & new adventures for everyone all over.Not least of which is myself …I have been very busy running all around town recording as much of the frenzy as I can, with the limited few resources that I have at my disposal currently.I have been very hard at work to get the images uploaded & tagged etc … and have been quite frequently sending requests for priority reviews [which have for the most part been successful — a special thanks to the team tasked with these requests]... continue reading

Major Find — No less than 23 Photographers involved

YEAH … what a SUPER find.Ecosystem Management Case StudiesAs it was about time I thought that tonight I thought that I've have a trawl thru the net to see if I can get any positive hits …As do I often wonder, I am sure there are many others who are always wondering, if any of the images that are selling are landing up in print anywhere, or in what format they are being indeed utilized.I have found an online version of a published article "Ecosystem Management Case Studies" …... continue reading

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