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Canon EOS M - Who's getting one?

It's finally announced and looks very promising.I've been shooting a digital Rebel XT for awhile and always thought to upgrade to a 5D but since my son's arrival, I've been looking for a camera at is smaller but would still deliver the same quality as full fledged dSLRs.My Sony NEX3 doing give the same level of quality I wanted.This newly announced EOS M seems like the answer.Anyone else thinking about getting this?Below is the new commercial.EOS M commercial continue reading

My journey to 3000 sales reached today.

Wow.It just seems like yesterday when I started at Dreamstime and enter the world of microstock photography.I remember vividly saying to myself, it's worth a shot (pardon the pun) since I already enjoy taking photos anyway.What can a lose?Almost 5 years later, I finally reached 3000 sales.To many, this may not be such a significant milestone since it took almost 5 years to achieve.But considering my portfolio size is only 252 photos, I'm very proud of my achievement.I remember the... continue reading

Nokia 808 Pureview - Never miss a stock photo moment?!

I've been a photography enthusiast for decades and have seen photography advance over the years.However with the launch of Nokia's 808 Pureview smartphone, photography is going to be changed forever.Anyone that has studied photography would have came across the example of what would be an ideal camera system.That would be a system of a distortion free wide angle prime lens system with a huge resolution format film or sensor.Why is this ideal?You can capture the entire scene at wide angle... continue reading

Finding your images via Google's new photo search

I'm not sure if people already know this but google has introduced a new drag your photo and search option in to work pretty good.Try it out and see if you can find your images online.Cheers.Below is a video of how it works. continue reading

Wow. I've reached 2000 sales! Yippy!

I thought I would never reach this milestone when I first joined in October 2007 but today I've reached 2000 sales with the below photo.For those new to Dreamstime, I've written some blogs during the years here in Dreamstime going over how I was going to increase my sales.So check out my blogs in my profile.I think you'll find them useful. I'm very happy of my achievement and wanted to share my joy with all those members who helped me over the years.Cheers. continue reading

Time to change your password.

Many people I know are having their mail accounts like hotmail and gmail as well as facebook accounts being hacked.So I've searched online to see why this is happening.Because the people that I know that are being hacked are very careful people.One of which actually works for Microsoft and ironically his hotmail got hacked.Apparently is not longer about just being caught by Phishing scam links.Hackers are using sophisticated software to hack into your accounts.Apparently even with websites... continue reading

Our First Born

I just wanted to announce to everyone here my happy news.My wife and I just this past week has giving birth to our first child.I read a lot of about the birthing process and let me tell you that every birth and every child is different and all the "rules" go out the door when it's your own.When my wife first started noticing contractions they were 60 seconds long and 3-5 minutes apart right way.Not your typical gradual build up.At the beginning I said that can't be possible.Should be 30... continue reading

A lot of Dreamstime Photographers in this book

I came across this book that has a lot of dreamstime photographer's photos in it.Thought some of you may be interested to see if your name is on the photo credits.Below is my photo that they used and a link to the photo to the photo creditsCheers. continue reading

My Road to $200 per month

Today I've finally reached a milestone I thought I would never reach.Over $200 a month in April with this photo, yeah!!!I couldn't be happier.If it wasn't for all the wonderful and helpful people in DT who share their experiences via blogs and messages, I don't think I would have achieved this.I've learned a lot over the years.So I thought it might be helpful to share my path to this achievement to help others.I've compiled my achievement blogs below and the time in which it was achieved.... continue reading

Reached $2000 Today!!!

I thought this day will never come but finally today I've reached $2000 and I'm so happy.I've been a member at Dreamstime since October 29, 2007 and have seen many blogs of members reaching this milestone.These blogs have always been very encouraging for me so I'm writing this blog to encourage others.Just keep at it and persistent and you'll reach this milestone also.Over the two years here, I definitely learned a lot from DT and my photography skills have gotten better and better.I would... continue reading

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