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Coronavirus, Flowers and Food

Like many people here the coronavirus pandemic has kept many inside their homes or limited to essential trips to the grocery store. A visit to a park may be permitted but even these may be closed. The best thing to do is to wear a mask and see the flowers and pretty trees in your neighborhood maintaining proper social distance of 6 feet. If the moon is full at night you could take a photo from your apartment balcony or outdoors for a brief period of time. I managed a handheld... continue reading

Wildlife is Everywhere

Many people think that photographing wildlife is hard but wildlife is easy to find and a little patience can go a long way when taking a photo. Wildlife can be found in ponds, gardens, parks, meadows and national parks. There could even be a deer near your home. For those of us who go fishing try taking a photo of your fish in the water. Fishing publications want photos of wild fish such as trout. If you snorkel or scuba dive take some underwater photos with of course... continue reading

Shooting the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

One of the largest events on the second Sunday of February is the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in Chinatown of Washington DC. This event has many components from VIPs, big crowds, beauty queens, dragons, and dancing lions. Like many cities Washington DC has a Chinatown district with restaurants and stores which attract people no matter what time of year. Each new year celebration is represented by an animal such as the rabbit, goat, rat etc. Check the news to find out... continue reading

Trading in or Selling Your Old Camera

Many people have an old camera that they would like to trade in or sell. One thing that must be remembered is that many dealers want a camera in perfect condition whether it is an old film camera or digital camera. Many years I contacted a dealer in order to sell an old 35mm film camera. He said send it in. I paid for shipping. After awhile I was notified that the camera (Olympus XA) was rejected owing to a faulty light meter which was overexposing. ... continue reading

A New Sport for Many People

If you have been watching TV there is no doubt you have heard about the victory of the Washington Capitals ice hockey team over the Vegas Golden Knights. I became interested in ice hockey when I learned that my home team of Washington DC could win the Stanley Cup. Ice hockey has been around for many years but only recently has it received the attention it deserves making it a big league sport such as football, baseball and basketball. Ice hockey is similar to soccer in which... continue reading

New Mexico Road Trip

My wife and decided to take a vacation to the state of New Mexico back in 2006 renting a car and driving to many places. New Mexico is a state with many beautiful landscapes that inspired Ansel Adams to take his most famous photo "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico." Photographers follow in the footsteps of Ansel Adams hoping to create their own masterpieces. There are many opportunities to take good photos on the road. Not all your photos need to be of sweeping landscapes.... continue reading

Famous and Rare Cars

Just recently I went down to the National Mall in Washington DC to see two rare and famous cars. One was the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt and the other was a rare 1918 Cadillac Type 57 used in WW1. This got me to thinking what are some of the most famous and or rare cars of all time? The cars I most often think of are the Mercedes Benz touring wagon used by Adolf Hitler, the Aston Martin DB5 used by James Bond in the movie Gold Finger, the... continue reading

Can You Really Win That Photo Contest?

There are many photo contests including the assignments photo contest here at dreamstime. Several things to keep in mind before entering a photo contest in order to determine if you have any chance of winning is first is how many people are entering and second is how good is the competition. A local or regional photo contest may be easier to win as opposed to a large contest sponsored by a camera manufacturer or magazine since there are fewer people entering though prizes may be modest.... continue reading

Special Effects Software

Like many people I have been intrigued by special effects achieved with software editing applications that can enhance your photos. Will the effects make the photo better or worse? The only way to find out is to apply the effect. Be sure to work from a copy of your original photo in case the effect does not work or save under a different name from your original. I have tried combining photos, using painting special effects and using reversal color special effects. Reversal... continue reading

Taking Photos of Your Food in a Restaurant

Many of us have dined at a good restaurant and have wondered-should I take a photo of my meal?Obviously the result will not be as nice is having pro lighting equipment, tripod and a professional camera system.However there are solutions to this problem.Generally speaking restaurant lighting is dim necessitating a high ISO like 800 or more and a steady hand.Electronic flash pictures are for the most part unacceptable due to glare and light fall off.The best solution is to move your plate... continue reading

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