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Satwa Guna – The beginning of light

I still have a few hours till departure . . . my house is filled with climbing gear... photo equipment... some pressure and background music. I already feel the weariness of the two day flight and another three day march until the high areas. I check again and again the blades of the ice axes, the carabiner screws, the altitude bots, the ropes, the altimeter and everything that may seem not thoroughly checked. The optical equipment has already been “polished” by skillful men... continue reading

SATWA GUNA - Travel with magicians and mystics

Satwa Guna expedition in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal (Ama Dablam mountain(22,349 feet))A year ago I thought to myself that I could use some Indian dust on my sandals, a glimpse from a Tibetan child, some Chinese woman's caresses . . . and right now I am in the middle of preparations for a short trip to the country of those with immortal souls.I spiced my holiday with a bit of mountains from the Himalayas (Ama Dablam) ...and this is how Satwa Guna part II emerged. You might wonder... continue reading

How to take panoramic photos (technical approach part.1)

When you wake up from a sound sleep and you walk dizzily towards the window hoping that the light and the vividness of the street will animate you, the first reflex is to watch panoramically. The habit of your conscious requires this thing as a necessary evil. The panoramic look and the mechanical twist of the neck produce a soothing effect through the physical internal press puncture as well as the self re-awareness and re-awakening process in the familiar space. This fact is certainly well-known... continue reading


The story beginsOnce upon a time, a long time ago, someone tried to define the continuous and hypnotic state of living through the lenses of the camera. What do you mean hypnotic? Well, you just try to hang around a neck all day long and furthermore, to be swung carelessly and mercilessly in the burning sunshine.Let me just tell you how much dust and light I've swallowed because of a maniac, a lunatic who kept me hanging. Yes, by the neck (his). I promise to also reveal some tricks I have... continue reading

Reasons for refusals

Many of our community members have found it difficult to accurately comprehend the reasons for refusal when they received the rejection notification and wondered what to do in order to comply with the Dreamstime criteria.Given our wish to prevent further disappointment and frustration for our photographers and illustrators due to refusals, here is a brief, but hopefully useful set of specific and often encountered reasons backed by images. These are mostly technical reasons. Along with them, don&#... continue reading

The sky in stock photography

Sometimes, when taking a picture, the colour pallete of the sky does not help us to create a special, or at least an interesting image. I will be giving you some tips and tricks to help you escape this nightmare of a depolarized sky.You can also try to increase the intensity of the blue color of the sky with the help of Cokin filters, a more affordable and practical solution, but take into account the small risk of losing some quality when magnifying to considerably large dimensions (larger then... continue reading

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