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Winter Wedding

Unfortunately, this is another shameless plug for my other blog, but it's totally out of my hands! Honest!!Back in December, I shot a wedding during some of the heaviest snowfall in the UK in recent memory. Now, I know that for most of the rest of the world several inches of snow is nothing to get massively excited about, but here in the UK the schools get closed if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, so...Slight exaggeration there, but you get the point. :)Anyway, I had a great... continue reading

Time is money, even when it's free

I've just completed a blog post on my website, but the images from it are not from my Dreamstime portfolio, so I can't show them here. However, the image to the left is used on one of the finished images, and by blogging here it will enable Yewkeo to see where I have used the image!This original blog post is all about working for free, and the considerations involved in doing so. If you think that you may find it interesting, then head over to my website at, click on 'blog'... continue reading

Faster, faster!

Now for a complete change of pace from the previous blog post... or so you might think!This type of shot has been fairly well documented on the internet already but let's face it, what hasn't? So what I thought I would do is talk more about the thought process than the actual kit.Having said that, you do need a certain amount of kit to get these shots but I'll keep it brief.You could argue that the actual camera is the least important part of the jigsaw here. You don't even need remote... continue reading

Tilt Shift Portraits

Just added a new post to my main blog: Tilt Shift PortraitsIt's very short, but I'm thinking about doing an extended version to explainbit more about the technique of using this particular type of lens. It was used to create some of the recent shots in my portfolio here on DT too.Thoughts on a postcard. Or comment would be fine too. :) continue reading

Facebook and Twitter... and a new studio

The last two months have been completely crazy for me.I've finally decided to take the plunge and open my very own studio! It's been a long time coming, but you've got to take these decisions when you're ready to... not when someone else tells you to or even if an 'unmissable' opportunity arises... at the end of the day if you're not ready, that's it.So, we're not quite open yet but very close. And the only reason for not being open before now is that I've been too busy! Which is good really.... continue reading

Introducing my other blog!

I've had an account on Blogger for quite a while, but only recently have I got around to populating it with some actual posts.You can read my blog here!There are many free blog websites around, but I chose Blogger mainly because one of my favourite blogs uses it.... the much-read and linked to strobist.comThe purpose of my blog is to highlight the images I'm creating away from microstock, so I've started by selecting some recent commercial assignments and showing some of the shots from... continue reading

I've been rumbled!

I think all the lovely photo buyers out there have finally realized that there are so many amazing quality images here on Dreamstime, that they really shouldn't waste their valuable credits on my snaps anymore!So, from the person who wrote blogs about "try not to check DT too often and the sales will come...", and also about finding the time to shoot more, etc... it seems that the bubble has finally burst and I am never going to sell another picture!!!Don't feel sorry for me, I've pestered... continue reading

Help! I need more hands!

This is so frustrating!I have some shots I want to do for this months assignment. I have managed to get hold of the props I need, which are not common everyday objects in 99% of households...But the frustrating part is I am so busy with work that I can't find time in the 24 hour day to shoot!!! Being self-employed is definitely a double-edged sword...I get to be my own boss... but why do I have to be such a slave-driver?!--sigh--Enough typing. Back to work... continue reading

Finding the time

Since joining Dreamstime and being bitten by the bug, one of the biggest problems I have come across is a very simple one... time.I don't know what the proportion of amateurs to professionals is here on DT, but I suspect that the majority of people selling images are doing so as a hobby, or at least a part-time addition to their regular job.This obviously raises the problem of time. Shooting images, processing RAW files, retouching, and for that matter creating illustrations, all take a significant... continue reading

Looking for new camera equipment?

Whenever I want to check out some new items of equipment, be it lenses, flashes, tripods or bags, my first port of call on the internet is always fredmiranda.comI like this site because it is not just about lab testing the equipment, it is all about personal opinions of many users, all of whom use the kit in different ways and therefore can give you a good spectrum of experience on how it performs.All items are scored for several different criteria and often people post comments and sometimes... continue reading

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