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Fun with photoshop actions

If you have photoshop and use it in your artistic work there's one thing you can do that might save you a lot of precious time. Especielly if you find yourself using a lot of the same processing for your imaging. You can create your own photoshop actions. They are basically little photoshop helpers that save your workflow and processing routines so that you with a click of a button can get them to do the work for you.Once you get the hang of them, it's very simple and can be a lot of fun! If you... continue reading

Photoshop plugins that are worth the money

If you find yourself using photoshop a lot and are looking for more ways to further enhance your art, then looking into commercial plugins might actually be worth the price. There's many many free resources out there, many are very good too. But there's an even bigger selection and more hidden power to be explored once you're ready to pay a little. If you're using photoshop to make money, chances are that it will be worth it.There's a few plugins I myself have bought that I think are worth every... continue reading

Adding textures to your photography

Few things can give a photograph a kick the way textures can. I use them all the time, and thought I would share some of my favorite tips.1. When working with textures remember that you can control the outcome completely. You can decide on the mood, the effect, the strength, the palette. Here is your chance to make your photography highly personal and unique. When experimenting with textures it's almost impossible to get two identical end results which add a lot of flavor to your photos.2.... continue reading

Useful tips for HDR photography

I am in no way a HDR expert, not even a photography expert. But I have had some very useful discoveries and lessons help me create some great photos and I thoughtI would share some:)1, Multiple exposures.This one sounds very obvious of course. But you can create a HDR photo from 2 exposures up to an almost unlimited amount of exposures. In my experience I get much smoother and less noisy pictures when I use a wider range of exposures.2. Fake HDRSometimes it's very hard to shoot... continue reading

A touch of surrealism

There's millions of ways to add a little surrealism to your pictures. I have found that adding just a hint of it can work wonders on just about any photo. I'm going to mention some of my favorite ways to do it. You have to experiment to find the things that work the best for just your work.!. Using an outside plugin.I have a few plugins that I like to use to add a little extra to my pictures. One of them is Flaming Pear's Flood. It gives you the chance to create a surreal but beautiful water... continue reading

Moody pictures, adding some drama

Anything can be made into a moody picture. Even a bright summer day. It's of course easier if your picture already has some natural moody elements such as stormy skies, windy landscape, or impressive light. There's tons of ways to both enhance and create a moody scene in photoshop and to even just add some drama. It doesn't even have to be a landscape picture, it can be a portrait as well. This article is not gonna take you step by step, but rather give you a few ideas and starting points. In the... continue reading

Spark that creativity

Sometimes you just do not have it in you. It won't come out, it won't even begin to form. I have come to find out that more often than not we are putting the block on ourselves. We have these high expectations of always performing perfectly and when we sense, even for a second, that we won't...our war on ourselves begin.We suffocate our inspiration completely by giving up too early and doing the opposite of what we should. What we REALLY should do is to find out why we're having this block, what'... continue reading

Better pictures- quick

1. Balance the light.Uneven lights and shadows can make a good photo look "unfinished" and distract the eye from the actual subject and meaning. I almost always balance my picture using shadows at the edges and the majority of the light on and around the main focus of the image, often close to the middle, surrounded by the darker shadows. I do all this in a subtle way, but sometimes I take it to the extreme for dramatic moody pictures.2.Saturation.Either ADD some saturation or REMOVE... continue reading

Black and white with a twist

Few things can be as striking to the eye as a beautiful black and white picture. It's simplicity at its best. There's a few things you can do and experiment with to find ways to add even more beauty and character to your art. I am going to go through some of my faves here.1. Black and white with CONTROL.Simply opening up photoshop and desaturating the photo will not bring out the best in it. There's so many factors to consider, even with the lack of color. A very good start is to open either... continue reading

Realistic manipulations

Having manipulated photos for quite some time now I have picked up a few tips and decided to make a "tutorial" about the most important steps of creating realistic creations. Imagine having a picture of a person that you want to move to a different background. If you simply cut and paste, it will not look believable. Here's some things you need to think about:1. Light.The light on your model must match the light on your background. The most important part is the direction of the light. If... continue reading

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