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cycling ... new works , old works..

My most popularimage is of cycling. It was not for any competition or whatnot. I was walking home through the park and saw a crowd and someone talking via the loudspeaker. So curious like the cat, I couldn't resist to walk across the Commons in Halifax to check it out.Before I knew what was happening, I saw all these bikes getting onto the avenue, so I ran to catch this shot of them with the little boy in the front.I suppose I could fake it and tell you that I actually stood there waiting... continue reading

enjoy summer but watch the heat

if you are doing exerting sports like roller skatingstay hydrated ,take a breatherfind a shady place to relax and cool downbe careful,if working such as heavy workor if you have some nasal concerns like allergy ashtmadrink lots of fluid , preferably waterinstead of pop, alcohol,etc.and be aware of the environment , or stay indoors where there is what you eat , as heat can spoil food very quickly... so bring lots of toilet paper if... continue reading

when the going gets rough...

...the tough gets you know that saying? i was just watching a movie of one of my favorite ladies Jessica Biel and in the end of the story, she stomps out of the mansion with bravado, telling off the people who kept putting her down. And the music comes on with Anthony Newley, i think, singing.. "when the going gets rough, the tough gets going".WHat has this to do with my new blog? Really, nothing at all, lol.I was looking at the comments to my last blog and my friends here mentioned... continue reading

staying home does not need to be boring

As those who know me, I move alot on business or on wanderlust to discover new cultures and because I enjoy learning about how the rest of the world once lived in ancient era.But lately, I have not had that luxury to go away for the winter,not even during the summer .It can be boring to me, as I am itching to envision myself wheeling my luggage and grumpily waiting for my flight out of this city.Some wise dude (or dame) once said, "If you can't change things, try changing" . So I... continue reading

tiff sales CHEERS BUYER !

Hey all, hope your Spring or Summer or whatever season you are having in your parts of the woods started well for you. For me, anytime winter is gone is enough reason for me to cheer.Speaking of cheers, I keep reading all of you getting tiff sales and I wasfeeling quite left out not having any.It can drive me to drive a little more than I should, you know if I don't get a tiff sale like the others, lol.But thank goodness for a client of Dreamstime who found an image of mine that was... continue reading

lucky 13

3rd time lucky. 13 more dollars to my 3rd payout with this awesome's something to look forward especially when you consider this year it is the year of the chinese rabbit which promises lots of good thing for me.that is, for people of my animal also predicts that this year i will be making a big business move or a big change. i find it interesting as only in the past blogs i was mentioning with my friends about us considering going, indeed , when money gets ripe... continue reading

things you would do for your VALENTINE

what will you do for your valentine?iron her clothes? cook for her? vacuum the place? call her and whisper sweet nothings?take a special portrait ?11 more days to this romantic day. In Costa Rica where I used to flee winter many years , we call this day DAY OF FRIENDSHIP (dia de amistad).The reason for that being, not everyone has a lover , so friendship day is more inclusive.Or as one tica told me , a lover should be your best friend, so Day of Friendship is more appropriate.Whatever.... continue reading

WINTERLUDE my first winter shoot

dancing in the snow,parents racing their children against other parents in sleigh race,tobaganning down the ski slope with a giant rubber tire,police on horse back ,daddy piggybacking two kids breathing vapor watching no doubtmommy racing sleigh ,etc..they all look like fun , don't they?but no one knows that I was freezing my you know what off , being a summer person, and worst, my naked hands were freezing from taking the shots.i was dressed very warmly with layers from new winter... continue reading

in reply to going exclusive

I actually replied to one very well written blog on this topic.But it was so long a reply that I thought, hell, maybe this should have been my new blog .so here it is...P.S. sorry for the cut and paste, as I am in a hurry to go out.----------------------------------------------------------------------EXCLUSIVE IMAGES ON DREAMSTIME------------------------------------------------------------------------EXTRACT OF MY COMMENT:I am a working photographer with stock being... continue reading

a "photo finish" celebration perharps?

In a few days we celebrate Chinese New Year. Just over a month after we celebrated the julian New Year.I like to show a compilation of my own creative works that touch some of the wonderful clients of Dreamstime who chose to use my photographs, and in turn escalated these respective images to be called my BEST SELLING IMAGES from my portfolio here as Tan510jomast since I started to be a contributor of Dreamstime.A very big hoorayto the wonderful people who chose to use my work.I look... continue reading

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