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The rise and fall of popular stock photo topics in Coronatimes

The last months have taught us an important lesson about the importance of being flexible to change. Many of the things we used to do before the lockdown, like going to the office, have changed or have migrated to taking place online entirely. We have moved our work and meetings online, taken up new hobbies, started cooking and baking, we've adjusted, we've survived harsh times.A lot of industries have been affected by this pandemic and stock photography is no stranger to economic... continue reading

Most photographed cities in 2019

It's almost spring, and if you're getting ready to plan your next holidays or short city-break, we thought you might be interested to know which cities have been most photographed and probably most visited around the world in 2019. Here are last year's most famous photographic destinations:New York is undoubtedly one of the most photographed destinations in the world and of all times, for that matter. It's a legendary city, full of tourist attractions and patronized by the famous... continue reading

Dreamstime's most newsworthy images in 2019

From royal births or climate strikes to political crises, the world has gone through some major adventures this year and we've got the photos to prove it. Photojournalism covers our time's most important topics and while it may not be regarded as major stock photo concept, it is undoubtedly a highly popular one. Here are this year's most newsworthy images on Dreamstime:The headline of the year is probably President Trump's impeachment on December 18th, when the US House of... continue reading

Dreamstime's most popular editorial photos in 2019

The commercial license may rule the stock photo world due to its versatile usages but the editorial has definitely gained increasing popularity these past years. Info sharing, brand awareness campaigns, news, they all rely on visual content to tell stories so brand logos, landmarks, events, celebrities, and entertainment are great topics for editorial stock photos. Here are 2019's most popular editorial images:Social media iconsSocial networks are obviously still the buzz of the era... continue reading

Dreamstime's most popular illustrations in 2019

We've seen 2019's most popular stock photos, it's the illustrations' turn to get our well deserved attention and retrospective look. If today's realities found their way into photography, illustrations will take you even farther.Get ready for a more abstract world of patterns, networks, virtual spaces and backgrounds, all meant to plunge you into hypothetical, hi-tech, alternative futures. Simplified or intricate, this year's illustrations, vectors and cliparts&... continue reading

Dreamstime's most popular stock photos in 2019

I always say that an end may also mark a beginning and you'll see I'm right, in a way. As we look back at this year’s most popular stock photos, you’ll understand that they speak not only of 2019 concerns and interests but they also contextualize and set the trend for stock photography in 2020. So get ready to see what you'll shoot next year.Art mirrors reality or should we say, contemporary realities, and photos are no exception. Our top 10 best sold stock photos mirror... continue reading

Stock Photo Trends in 2019

Content creators, your New Year's resolution list's not done yet! We've got some interesting news and facts to share with you so get your pens, pencils and cameras ready for what is going to be an interesting year. If you're looking for inspiration or guidance on what to shoot and draw, we've put together a list of upcoming trends in stock photography and it's all based on true story. Or better said, true search-and-download history, plus nowadays realities.... continue reading

All I want for Christmas - most popular Xmas images in 2018

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is almost here and, as we wrap up the wish lists and try to be as nice as possible, let's have a look at the best Christmas images this year. And by best, we mean the most downloaded images, the cream of the winter crop, the apple of Santa's eyes, the upper crust on the Christmas pie.Before we go through the list and into a festive mood, a little review of some basic facts about the do's and dont's for Christmas images will do us all good. Mainly the do'... continue reading

How's business?

Business is the canonical stock subject. It's undoubtedly the most photographed, the most illustrated and the best sold concept to this date.There are more than 7.1 million results matching the 'business' search on Dreamstime. You might think it's a topic that's been dealt with exhaustively, that everything is already very well covered. Allow us to contradict this and assure you that the 'business' concept is far from meeting its end in the stock business.... continue reading

The importance of being funny

There are numerous studies saying that imagery can affect a person's mood, for good or bad. In marketing, happy is always better than sad, so it is always important to make your clients happy. Your design stands more chances of being remembered if it strikes the happy chord with the audience than anything else. Long story short, happiness sells! Being happy is related to all sorts of feelings and instances but the commonest must be laughter. Unless you're dealing with a grumpy grump, making... continue reading

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