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1000 pictures online

Finally, after almost 4 years spent selling pictures on Dreamstime website, I managed to upload my 1000 picture online.The lucky picture is a sad one, it is associated with the manifests that take place for the last 2 months in Romania, regarding a gold exploitation that is meant to start in a small village in the Carpathian mountains. The village is called Rosia Montana. This exploitation will produce hundreds of thousand of gallons of cyanide residue that will create the biggest lake with this... continue reading

100 sales of the same image

Well, it`s the first picture - better said illustration - that does this, it reaches 100 sales...and it brought me 383,77 dollars. Not bad, I would say, for one drawing!This is the picture guilty for bringing me so much money, and of course Dreamstime, to whom I wanna say thanks for the opportunity continue reading

1000 sales!

Finally I`m happy to announce that I made 1000 sales! I`m so happy this happen!It was a huge milestone when I began selling photos on Dreamstime, almost 3 years ago, and now it`s happening!The lucky 1000 sale was brought by this pictureHave a nice day everyone! continue reading

Two years of Dreamstime

Hello everybody!Today I`m celebrating 2 years of Dreamstime so I`m very happy about it and I hope this business will last a long time from now on, because I like it very much and I enjoy creating for all the buyers in the world :)So, the number for the second year look like this :322 pictures online with an acceptance ratio of 53.9 % compare with 408 in the first year ( that`s a big minus for me - but I changed my workplace so I kind of have an excuse :)524 sales compare to 142 in the first... continue reading

Halloween is comming!

There is less than a week till the night of Halloween will begin!In my country, this holiday is not that popular, but it begins to increase in popularity in the last years.I remember thought when I use to live in the U.S that this holiday was fascinating me. I loved it! Every family in the neighborhoodwith no exception use to decorate their houses, one spookier than the other.Every child and even grown up use to have a great Halloween costume to scare the people on the street... continue reading

1000 $ made from sales

Dear people of Dreamstime, I`m very happy to announce that a couple of days ago I have reached 1000$ made from sales. I`m very excited so I wanted to share it with you all.I made 1000 $ in almost 2 years and 600 sales. It`s ok, as far as I`m concerned, and I know that the next 1000 will come a lot faster :)Thank you all for your support and see you at my new milestone!This is the sale that brought me the 0.38 $ that were missing from my first 1000$ continue reading

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and I wanna share with you all this moment :)I`m getting old but that`s not so important, it`s important that I`m living my dream and my life is going in a good direction :)Even on DT things began to move faster than usual. I get more sales, more money and more friends...and I wanna thank you all for all this.Cheers and have a good day everyone! continue reading

The new Inkling from Wacom

So, as probably many of you out there know, the new Inkling is ready to order and use. InklingThis is a great product as far as I sought. It`s very easy to use, just like drawing on paper :)I have seen this morning that you can already order it on the European site from Wacom, and I`m sure that in no time it will be available in the rest of the world.The price is very small in comparison with what you can do with it. I really think that I will give up to my medium size Bamboo Fun and buy this... continue reading

My first level 5 image!!!

Finally I managed to get one of my pictures to the highest level here on DT, level 5. I`m so happy about it, even thought the image it`s not a very original one, but this is stock and this is how the things work :) This one brought me a lot of money and I hope it will bring me more in the future :)Thanks everyone from DT and thanks to all the buyers :)This is the image continue reading

Back from my 2011 holiday

Finally I got back from my 2011 summer holiday. I managed to upload some pictures on Dreamstime, but still I have many more to show to you all.In two weeks I have visited two places from Romania. First I went for a week in Bran, a small town near Brasov. In this town the tourists can found the famous castle of Dracula :) It`s really nice, and the surroundings are great. So I relaxed myself over there, no internet no tv, a lot of good food, trekking on the mountain and peace...Then I went in Sulina,... continue reading

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