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My new blog about photography...

AlthoughI am not a pro, even not a half-pro, I just opened this blog yesterday. As I have done some reseaches before on how to take good / creative photos, I will post the skills on my blog later. I think they are useful and hope that they will be useful on your (image)composing. My English is not very good , so there will be grammar mistakes...My site : continue reading

Want some comments...

I just want some comments on my accepted photos to improve myself or skills. If you have time to give a little comment, good or bad still okay, I will be very grateful!!P.S. I just have 4 photos online now...1 )2)3)4)If you have more time, please state the photo number ( 1,2,3,4) for the comment. Thanks very much for all these !! continue reading

Yo ! A Happy Day !

Yay! They accepted a image ( about indoor lightings ) from me! Althrough my acceptance ratio is still very low ( 10.7%), I am very happy now!I will still continue to upload images.And one more thing, I have found one more job = KeyMentoring Program. I am now trying to help the others to think about more key words. I hope the others can help me also !!My photos : continue reading

same photo but different background

I have done editing the my tower image into a white blackground-image , will it be accepted again ?==============================My other images : continue reading

Questions to ask

1) People buy photos for what ?2) Someone put my photo in a collection , what is a collection ?3) Why there are people putting their image as free image ?4) Do you enter key words by your self or using keymaster ?5) Which type of images is sell like hot cakes ?6) Am I too stupid to ask all these questions ?Thank you for all your help !! continue reading

First sale in DT...

Wow...special thanks to the buyer ( I don't know who he/she is )...he/she bought my photo:Photo Approved On---04/23/2009Download date---04/27/2009Who bought my photo please contact me in anyways you like for telling me who you are and how you use my photos , thanks a lot !!So now , my Earnings balance: $0.48 continue reading

Too Long To Wait...

Too Long To Wait ...I did have hope on DT but not now anymore. Seeing pending files wait for a week, first sale not yet come, too difficult for me to think of key words... I did think of GIVE UP ... but it will not be a good memory that I give up in a week. Well...then I'll wait for a week longer and see. continue reading

First 2 photos in Dreamstime

I am new to Dreamstime and these are my first two photos in Dreamstime : This maybe lead to my new success XDD!! continue reading


Well...dear all...I went hiking on the 17th of April,2009. It is not the first time that I went hiking but the first time that i could see wild cows in Hong Kong.As I am new to Dreamstime, I think no one will notice this new user. So, I will try my best the let someone to try to notice my photos and me.Um...this is one of my uploaded photos:, this was taken in China long time ago . continue reading

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