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Protect Environment, Protect Our Earth

It’s quite cold outside. From the window I can see deep snow still covers the ground, trees and building roofs. People on the streets with thick clothes hurry their steps. The snow this winter was reported the heaviest during past 30 years and it’s said it’s a global phenomenon & more or less related with recent years climate change.Actually, with society developing & population increasing quickly, more & more pollution exit, like Greenhouse, Automobile exhaust, Chemical waste gas… when... continue reading

Travel Memory to UK

In autumn this year I traveled to UK, it’s a budget travelling, because I thought only by myself effort that I can have a really thorough view of which I wanna see. I planned a whole travel schedule before starting and even booked some tickets for saving money and it took me about 20 days to travel as my plan to several places like London, Scotland, Lake District, Cotswold and University of Oxford and Cambridge. It implemented quite well although had to settle some problems during this trip such... continue reading

Essay of Landmarks Shot

Pictures of Landmarks I’ve taken a lot and I noticed the most favorable & popular ones almost follow below criteria:1.Normally the object should be quite clear & with good light or background.2.The whole effect of the picture will look better with a balance conposition, no matter what its layout: vertical or horizon, far or near, center or besides, but should have the focus & to present the most attractive parts which you believe.Besides above 2 points, I personally think it can be... continue reading

Close to the Animals

I like animals & also quite fond of take pictures of them. Actually, animals in the nature, they are quite different from each other, however, like human beings, each of them has its special & only when you come close to them, you will more understand them, knowing their habit, what they request and even their sort of communication. Each time when I’m in the harmony environment with so many cute friends surrounding, I feel more necessary & importance to well protect nature, to treat friendly to... continue reading

Photograph Experience in Russia

During these years I’ve been to Russia 3 times due to my work need. The 1st time was in summer, it was fine at that time and the light was also quite transparent, however, I had no camera yet then only took with me a DV, so that’s really sort of pity. The next 2 times I went there were all during winter, it’s quite cold , the temperature in the day time was still below minor 16 degrees, because it’s too cold I could only put the battery into the inner pocket of my coat and took it out just... continue reading

Choose the Best Keywords

These days I find some of my photos were refused due to the problem of the “words”, it always showed “Your image info. contains one or more of the following issues: irrelevant or incomplete title, description/keywords/categories issues…” Actually, at beginning I was not quite sure what’s the problem about and believed it should be the improper “Title” or “Description”. So I made the modification accordingly, however, still were refused, take the squirrel’s photos as example:... continue reading

Home Studio & Still Life Photograph

Only after a period of time I first came here, I found gradually in DT that it doesn’t focus much on “photograph masterpiece” but more sort of on the useful “picture materials”. At the same time, realize that my outdoor photo flash has been kept unused for a quite long time, which was bought before mainly using for shooting models, perhaps it can be put into use now for shooting some still life materials.So found some sketch paper left many years ago when charcoal drawing, One large... continue reading

DT Makes My Photo Brighter

It’s been almost 5 years since I was addict to photograph,and as a beginner I went through a lot like the other shutterbugs. For an example at the beginning when using the medium or telephoto, I liked the feeling of dim background only felt it’s quite cool; another example was when initially got to the wide-angle, in particularly quite fascinating at the exaggerate deformation of architectures and interesting effect of deformation of characters; when began to use PS, felt that it’s quite magic... continue reading

the 100th Download!

Today,my 100th download appears on DT,It came after 1 year & 2 months,hope the 2nd 100th come faster^^ continue reading

How DT Change My Photograph Habit.

Since I joined DT last year I found my photograph habit had been changed gradually and mainly summaries as the following 3 aspects:1.Get to Use Tripod MoreFor a long time since I used the digital camera I seldom used the tripod, why? Because it has the convenient setting of ISO and if found the shutter speed not fast enough, thinking that only enhance the ISO would works, like 400, 800, 1600…however, since joined DT, again and again my photos were rejected, the reason was “too much of... continue reading

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