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Tip of the week: Creative ideas to help you target a specific niche in photography

When starting out in the photography business, it’s tempting to be a jack of all trades, shooting everything that looks interesting. While this approach may get you hundreds of unique photos, it will not set you apart from the competition. Competition is a good thing, professional photographers who have embraced the power of intense competition in stock photography have discovered the power of branding for a specific niche. A niche will help you learn and zero in on what works and what doesn’t.... continue reading

Important tips to buying second-hand photography equipment

Investing in a photography career is expensive whether you are a professional or amateur photographer. Having the right photographic equipment; cameras and lenses will help you shoot amazing photos. Unfortunately, new photography equipment is expensive. You have to part with several hundred or even thousands of dollars to buy the latest gear, cameras, reflectors, lights, tripods, batteries hard disks, etc. all cost a small fortune, the money you might not have. On the positive side, professional photographers... continue reading

Tip of the week: 5 Beginner's Tips about stock photos that sell the most

Stock photography is a lucrative business and like any other business, cash flow is important. Healthy cash flow comes from selling photos. With hundreds of amateur/hobbyists photographers uploading new images on stock agencies daily, competition for buyers gets steeper every day.What can you do differently to get your photos into the hands of buyers? In this article I will share five tips on how you can shoot, upload and promote your photos, to ensure that you sell and keep a healthy cash flow that... continue reading

Tip of the week: 5 Tips to mastering the art of black and white photography

There is more to black and white (B&W) photography than just hitting the desaturate button - tones, textures, lines, shapes, patterns, contrasts and selectively choosing your elements all go towards composing a great black and white photo.Black and White Photography is an interesting archaic topic. It’s a topic that is always relegated to the dusty shelves of forgetfulness. Do youremember the days of film and darkrooms? The days when photographers didn’t just care... continue reading

Valentine's Day - Moments of Joy

The 14th of February has become significant in the calendar of lovers- a popular date for the celebration of romance world-wide. The date has garnered a lot of reputation for the sending of gifts, cards, dating and in some cases, church services. The feast day which was instituted in honor of two martyred priests- Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni has through the centuries acquired cultural, religious and commercial dimensions, all in celebration of romantic love and now has a worldwide appeal.... continue reading

Tip of the week: Are snapshots really stock material?

To really do justice to this topic, one will have to answer the question of what is a “snapshot” and what is a “photograph”As defined by Wikipedia, A snapshot is a photograph that is "shot" spontaneously and quickly, most often without artistic or journalistic intent. A snapshot can be a photo of anything. ‘They are commonly technically “imperfect” or amateurish’ (Wikipedia). They are usually shot with varying quality - out of focus, composition,... continue reading

Why my photographs aren’t selling?

There could be many reasons why we are here. I can assure you many are here because they desire to sell their photographs and make some extra cash.Having joined with that good intention, the reality on the ground is not what you initially envisaged. Sales are low. Not only low, they are frustrating. And you may be thinking what’s going on?I can bet you, you are not alone.One fact we all agree and which we need to remind ourselves is that Dreamstime LLC does not buy images. It’s... continue reading

100 sales milestone

WOW! I just hit a beautiful milestone, 100 sales in Dreamstime.This has become an incentive to work more, work hard and work smart. I must confess the quality of my photographs have improved since i joined Dreamstime.Thank you Dreamstime for providing the platform to make our dreams become reality.100 sale continue reading

Double milestones

Or can I say triple milestones. Yes, three milestones.First, I am celebrating my one year of registering on DT as a contributor. On the 22nd of March 2013, I registered as a contributor on Dreamstime. Since then, I have beinguploading to Dreamstime which led to the second milestone of two hundred photos in my portfolio.Achieving this 200 photos, I had to apply all the skills I learnt here from a family of fellow photographers that are too willing to render constructive criticism. At first,... continue reading

World AIDS Day

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading killers of adults worldwide. The virus weakens the immune system and ultimately leads to death.HIV transmission can occur in three ways: (i) sexual intercourse; (ii) exposure to infected blood; or (iii) mother to child transmission through birth or breast milk.Sexual transmission is the primary transmission mechanism worldwide, and accounts for more than 90% of infections in sub-Saharan Africa.Condoms can prevent infection by reducing the likelihood... continue reading

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