Articles by Marcel De Grijs

$104 in 16 days! :)

February is going to be a great month!!! Already $94 for February and its just half way down this month! I collected my 5th payment yesterday in 7.5 months of uploading images. Last payment was on January 29 so it took me 16 days to get to $100. I only have 250 images online so I am really pleased with the results! :) I really love Dreamstime!!! This motivates me so much more to get more images online!It is defiantly still possible to get into stock! I have read articles that said if you want... continue reading

Dreamstime progress part 5

It's been a wile but I finally reached 250 images. I have many more to process so getting to 275 will be easier if I can find the time to process them in Photoshop. Images are already made. :)I shoot in the weekends and think of subjects, objects and ideas during the week. I write them down.Isolated objects shots are the easiest way to get images accepted. They don't sell as good as images with people but in large amounts and with good subjects they bring a nice extra income together. Isolated... continue reading

Great September sales

Is it just me or did September also bring you good sales? My sales were great! I had 10 sales in one day on the 29th! A total of 51 sales in September and lots of credit sales! I earned $69.66! I had about 147 images online at the beginning of the month and ending with 167. I am now on 174 and still have some pending files. And 3 level 2 files already! :)I cannot imagine I get this lucky again for October but my portfolio is growing so I hope I will reach a minimum of $50 this month again. So... continue reading

Dreamstime progress part 4

I wont make it to long this time. I wanted to show my progress again when I had 150 pictures online. I finally got there. I did not find the time to shoot more often because of my daytime job that also becomes a night job lately. I am posting my progress for new member that want to know what to expect from Dreamstime. This will also depend on the kind of pictures, quality etc. but I think this will give you a small idea. I try to get as many different pictures online as possible. Retro stuff and textures... continue reading

My Dreamstime progress part 3

I finally got my 100 images online. 103 actually at this moment and still 3 pending. And I am adding more tomorrow so hopefully reaching 110 before the weekend.In the mean time things went above expectation. I have 18 sales and my acceptance ratio is getting better. My acceptance for this month (12 images) is %92.30. And the refused file got resubmitted and accepted afterwards. So all my pictures got accepted so far this month! :) But it's only the 3th so let's not get to exited yet. ;)My... continue reading

My Dreamstime progress part 2

My last blog article was on the 6th of july. My target then was to get 100 pictures online but I did not reach that goal. I have 72 at this moment and some files pending. It's not that I got less enthusiastic or less inspirited but it's my job and children that takes lots of time and it has been very busy last week.I will get that 100 pictures soon! I have 72 online at this moment and I think I have some good ones pending to get to 75 real quick.I do think some of the Dreamstime staff is on... continue reading

My Dreamstime progress

I am a Dreamstime member for some time now. But until recently I was only a buyer. Just a few weeks ago I got the idea to upload some images of my own. I first started reading blogs and websites about stock photography and found out that it wasn't that hard to get some images approved. So I got to work and bought me a second hand Olympus e520.I want to share my experience because I was looking for blogs and articles were I could see what kind of results I could expect from Dreamstime. So then... continue reading

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