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Hey fellows.The time is going quick. We are getting older. Our skills of photography are growing up too.Some of you have + 20 c temperature outside, I have -32 c outside...brrr freezing!We`ve got different cameras, different count of sales, different earnings....But all of us love photo, love DT community and love this perfect holiday New Year!I want to wish you good strong health, peace, many many smiles and of course real real love!Oh one more... of course many sales and... continue reading

Time with DT

My first sale was one year ago. It was like a present for my birthday. Today my birthday again). I`m 23 now. Past year bring me many openings in photo, more that, I have made a 22 sale!) Not so much, but I think I`m going the write way! But by searching through Internet I can`t find any photo in use, it`s a pity.Anyway, I`m already have a level 2 image in my portfolio.Hope that soon this image becomes a level 2, too .)And people! I`m become a photographer working... continue reading

DT session

Hi everyone.For a long time wished to lift this theme, and here in the beginning of New Year's holidays I state.)I always pleased with dialogue of DT community. Blogs and comments to them. All are opened to each other.Tell, why to all of us, or some of us, why not to organise somewhere a meeting/session, something like exit lessons and an exchange of experience. The more interestingly if it will be in territory of the state unknown to you, where you don`t know a national language.))I offer... continue reading

Happy new year.

Dear friends, I wish you many sales and new openings in the next year. But this is not main thing I want to wish you...People, I wish you strong health, good mood and real real love.Happy New Year to all!King regards! continue reading

Music in photo

Hi, want to say about my feelings, which appears when I see different photos.On my mind each photo, each picture has it`s own music code in photo.))When you are looking on the photo, in your mind appears some sounds, later you are hearing some yours favorite songs.........Very interesting thing, try to imagine when you are looking through yours or others portfolio.))King regards! continue reading

Model releases are real? Really?

Yesterday I met my friend and told about DT, about stock photos, about all issues and about necessary for sale of a photo documents (Model or property release).And He asked me "How managers of DT or buyers of you stock photo with model on it, How they learn that the model release is real? "....I mean that author of a photo can fill and sign itself the model release, and without will of model "forge the signature". I work as a lawyer and I live in Russia, and not by hearsay I know how people can... continue reading

First sale, not one, 3 in one day!!!!

It`s a magic, yesterday I had a birthday, and wrote a blog about my day. And wrote about my wishes. Today I have three sales, it is my first sale.IT IS A MAGIC! Thanks a lot! continue reading

Today my birthday

Today my birthday. I`m 22 now. I hope that this year will bring to me some creative opening in photo and I, at last, will have sales. Till now I don`t have any one ((. It`s a pity.On days off I am going to go for hunting to Republic Hakassija and I will necessarily try to make successful photos there, I hope they will be accept and you also can see them. Hakassija, it is the edge of steppes, winds and barrows!)also I have 10 photos pending now, from recent duck hunting, I hope you can see them... continue reading

Not about photo.

This is a blog, like I understand I can write about anything...So...Do you know the filling of troubles and problems....when you can`t fight with them, because of any reasons. You just try to hide of them, make a wall and hide behind it... It`s like watch through the photo-cam, not real, somewhere...far away...not near you...and not touching you. It`s hard to explain. Somebody may be understand me.I write here because of ...I want to write, I can`t tell anybody about my problem. That`s why I write.... continue reading

First blog. Main things.

Love photo, more that i love nature, and when i can get beautiful photo of nature I get very happy. best thing in such photos is not light or expose, not technical things, it is when you can get a photo of a moment....just one second moment of natures live. Nature (plants, landscapes, rivers or animals - they are all alive) lives just like you or me, and change every time.Any way, I go the deep taiga for example to leave city, industry and other standards. You know there, it does not mean what type... continue reading

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