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Finding Photography Opportunities While Confined at Home

While it appears the pandemic is beginning to wane, it's still going to be weeks and maybe months before people will be allowed to freely move about. Some regions are fairly relaxed with restrictions but other parts of the world have strict mandates such as not being allowed to leave your home. But you want to continue working on your online stock photography, so what can you do?Indoor photography may be outside of your comfort zone, but it does present new opportunities. Do you have a lens with... continue reading

Creative Ways to Incorporate Reflections in Your Photography

Utilizing reflections with photography can lift your images to another level. Everyone is familiar with Henri Cartier-Bresson and his image of a worker jumping across a puddle. The reflection of the man in the water creates a surreal look and has been a topic of discussion for decades among photographers and art critics.It's apparent then that reflections can create a memorable photograph. Some photographers will find a unique location and then sit for hours to see what may happen. It takes great... continue reading

Milestone: $60,000 Total Dreamstime Earnings

I have recently passed the milestone of $60,000 total earnings. This comes as I close in on my 11 year anniversary with Dreamstime. There are many contributors who are earning more in less time and with smaller portfolios but when you consider I am an amateur competing against people who do this for a living, I am hopefully doing a few things right.It certainly hasn't been easy, especially when things keep getting tougher. At the peak I was earning $600-$700/month but now it's around $350-... continue reading

Thinking of Getting into Drone Photography?

Don't forget to click the green USEFUL button if you like this article! :-)Some of the most spectacular video photography you will ever see is now being done by small cameras mounted onto drones. Thanks to advances in technology, both the quality and cost of equipment is now affordable for amateurs who are looking to be on the cutting edge of a whole different kind of photography, including video.Those who are new to drone photography and video should do a little research before rushing... continue reading

Getting Sales and Income from Event Photography

This is another blog in the series where I provide sage advice on how to get sales and generate income from your photography. Talking about equipment you can't afford is one thing, but here I will try to give you tips and suggestions on how to make real money from your photography.An "event" can be almost anything. Parades, protests, political speeches, wedding, graduations, sporting events, they are all situations that occur beyond the normal routine of everyday life. There are many... continue reading

Make Money Selling Online Stock Photography With Cheap Camera Equipment

I have a long list of camera equipment and related items on my wish list, all of which would take my stock photography career to a higher level. But what good is it to write about the virtues of the latest and greatest cameras and technology when you can't afford them? Instead of telling you what cameras would be nice to have, let's talk about how you can earn money starting today with the equipment you currently have even if it's a bit dated.You can even begin to start making money... continue reading

The Stock Photography Industry is Changing Again, Will You Be Able to Change Too?

There is a new and devastating blow hitting the online stock industry, things are going to be changing again and you need to be ready for it if you're a person who wants to generate income from selling images.Before I tell you what is currently happening, let's go through a brief history of stock photography. Before the internet and digital cameras, there were traditional agencies where photographers could provide prints and/or negatives. You generally had to be a high-end photographer because... continue reading

Composite Images: The New Secret to Success in Stock Photography

A composite image is the merging of two or more images together in order to create a single image that contains elements of the original set. This is not a new concept, this was being done back in the 1800's and continued into the age of film. With today's technology, composite images are easier to create, can be quickly done, and you have the ability to develop complex concepts.In the world of stock photography, this gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Composite images... continue reading

Are You in the Mood to Increase Sales?

If you're serious about generating an income through the stock industry, then you need to find ways to increase sales. There are many topics and genres and directions you can go, but one area that needs attention is "EMOTIONS." Almost any type of image will evoke some type of emotion and if it's done well, you can squeeze that many more sales out of your portfolio.Mood and emotion have fundamental building blocks which can be categorized as (1) Conceptual, (2)... continue reading

The Kung Fu Master of Stock Teaches Grasshopper about Mobile Ads

Grasshopper burst into his Masters' quarters, breathing heavily from running across the monastery compound."What is it, young Grasshopper?" the old Master quizzed without looking up from his photo editing tasks."Master! I was searching the internet and found strategies on how you can make money with mobile ads!" Master continued to work on his images without looking up or replying to his student."You see, Master, I learned about things like speaking to your audience and... continue reading

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