The Autumn's Tale - HuLunbeier Grassland

HuLunbeier grassland covers an area of 250.557 square kilometers,with a totel population of 2.66 million. The Mongolian natiality is the dominant ethic group, and 35 other nationlities,such as Dawoer, Ewenke, Elunchun, Han, Manchu, Russian, etc. live in harmony with them on the grassland. Hunlunbeier is called “green and clean land” because it is relatively free of pollution.

This is the Mongolian yurt . No matter which yurt you happen to visit, you will finethat on hesring your footsteps the Mongolian people will extend a warm welcome outsite the yurt, to do justice to their reputed hospitality. When greeting you, they will put their hands against their chests and bow slightly. With a “how do you do,” They invite their guestsin. Male guests are invited to sit on the left and female on the right, while host sits in midle. The moment you take your seats, your host will have milk tea and various kinds of milk products pleaced in front of you. After a white, you will most probably probabyly be asked to help yourself to a special course called “shouba lamd.” As a way of showing respct to his distinguished guest, your hast will prsent you with a “hada”( a piece of silk used as a greeting gift), Together with a cup of lacal wine. Mongolians are well known for theirtalent in singing and dancing.Their beautiful songs are as entertaining and pleasant as the blue sky, white clouds, greengrass and fresh flowers, In folk culture, there is a saying that a feast is not a true feast without the company of songs. Every person in the grassland, man or woman, old or young, can sing folk songs. When proposing toasts to their guests, they will show their hospitality by singing folksongs and playing special fiddles. The Mongolian people have lived on the vast grassland for a long time, and they have refined their talent for sing and dancing. You can not only please your eyes with their traditional ethnic dancing but also with their mondern ones featuring merry rhythms and vigorous steps.Now let`s enter the yurt and take advantage of this opportunity to be guests in a Mongolian herdsman`s home.

Acturally, the herdsmen have few chances to get together on such a vast grassland, so Nadam also plays the role of a big trade fair for them, When we talk about Nadam, we should also talk about offering sacrifice at “Aobao”.“Aobao ”in Mogolian means a pile of rocks or earth. On the vast and endless grassland, it is hard to tell directions, so people thought of pilling rocks or earth to mark them, In its long historical development Aobao has become the shrine to offer scrifices to the God of the Mountain and the God of the Road.During the sacrifice –offering ceremony,people insert tree branches into the Aobao and put pieces of colorful cloth or paper flags with written scripture on the branches There are four types of memorial ceremonies, namely blood,wine,fire and jade. No matter what type it is, a lama will be invited to butn incenses, chant scriptures and pray for the blessing of the people and their livestock. Participants will walk around the Aobao clockwise three times.After the ceremony, the herdmen will not only enjoy horse races,wrestling and archery, but also singing, dancing and drinking to their heart`s content. Around that time, young lovers will probably leave the crowd to be in a world of their own.

Photo credits: Nomad1314.

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April 15, 2008


Wow, what an interesting article. I had no idea. Mongolia would be a great place to visit - lower on my list than some other places, but still fascinating. Thank you!

The shots you posted are beautiful! I love those saturated colors.

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