Average Day in a Photographer's Life

When the cell phone rang in the morning announcing a new day, I felt like sleeping late. Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday and I went to bed late. Do you imagine? My friends always expect the pictures and I had to edit and upload them to my FB page. What a nice surprise when I look out the window. The trees were all covered in snow...everything was white and beautiful. So I said to myself : Today, I am going to get the picture I have had in mind for more than a year!

Yeah, why not? After all, wedding photographers need to relax and most of us - besides making a living with our cameras- feel a burning passion for photography. It is a long path: hobby, gear, practice, more gear, friend asking you to do their wedding, making mistakes, studying and learning, more practice, realizing it can be a business, advertising yourself, making a name of your own, and then, hobby again...

Reality is always in the way so as a good husband, I had to help my wife dress my seven years old son, prepare his breakfast and take him to school....She asks me to get change for the laundry and I say yes my dear. Be good, because you know you will come back with wet pants, shoes and socks; and you will be seating about two hours in a computer and your wife is going to hate it. She is going to argue but she'll deal with it because she's accustomed. She has put up with it several times - that is why you know her reactions so well! She's been a wonderful wife for 18+ years.

Prepare your camera and go out! Fast, before the snow start melting. Midway to school your phone rings...Hey you forgot the boy's lunch!.....Go back...I am going to be late for school daddy...don't worry it'll be fine...Rush back... leave your son in school. At this point your feet are already wet because the snow is like a slush or slushy- OH I don't know what word to use!

© Yelo34

Head to the place you think you'll get a beautiful shot. WoW! It is amazing. At this time, the snow is up to your ankle, but you must lay down to get a tiny little better angle and therefore a better shot. You do it. You get couple of shots and before you find the perfect one, your battery is DEAD! You pray...oh come on one more shot, that's all I ask...nothing happens. What do I do? Do I go for the change? or Do I go back to get another battery? What do you think I did? So more slush snow...wife mad because of your wet feet in the house... go back!

Get there, it not that beautiful as 45 minutes ago. You know well, God's prepared moments only lasts seconds...You adapt, get another angle...lay down again shoot...and feel it is the best you can get. Now, we can go for change to do the laundry.

© Yelo34

When you arrive home, you edit the photos, write this blog as I told you, wife is uncomfortable..she looks for ways to pick up a fight..you avoid... she wants you to go with her to the laundry room...just to be with you..she says...or to get me out of the computer I say...jajaj....I go...no fight...everything is fine. Oh God, I love this life! It is so much fun!


The two photos shown were accepted at DT but the ones I like were not accepted ...jajaja...more of an average day for us....you can see them here:




Thanks for reading till here....

Photo credits: Yelena Rodriguez.

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April 03, 2013


Nice story!Thanks for sharing!

April 01, 2013


It is a fin life and I had fun reading your article. Great blog!

April 01, 2013


Great blog! At least you didn't slip on ice, fall on your tripod and crack a rib like I did in the last snow storm.

April 01, 2013


Great blog, thanks for sharing... Well written.

April 01, 2013


Wonderful story! Thank you :)

April 01, 2013


Lovely post.Your blogs always have a human funny side (and sincerity). Thank you for sharing

April 01, 2013


just liked reading this - thanks for sharing :)

March 30, 2013


on days like yours I always think "whatever doesn't kill me will make me stronger!" and always have a spare battery!!! (usually mine is on the charger at home plugged into the wall.... deep sigh)

March 30, 2013


Great article, especially love the line at the end,"Oh God, I love this life it is so much fun!" That is so true!

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